greater prairie chicken

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the most common variety of prairie chicken

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Lek social organization and reproductive success in the greater prairie chicken. Am.
Greater prairie chicken ranges, movements, and habitat usage in Kansas.
A comparative study of the habitats of the lesser and greater prairie chicken in Oklahoma.
The three subspecies of the greater prairie chicken have met radically different fates.
Besides loss of habitat, the greater prairie chicken also is threatened by loss of genetic variation because the populations are so isolated across their remaining range with no natural corridors among the groups of birds.
Key words: demography; Gopherus agassizii (desert tortoise); elasticity; finite rate of increase; life-stage simulation analysis and importance, matrix population models; population growth; sensitivity; species conservation; Tympanuchus cupido (Greater Prairie Chicken); variance and covariance; vital rates.
1994) and Greater Prairie Chicken (Wisdom and Mills 1997) as case examples.
The full Latin name for the greater prairie chicken is Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus, with the last referring to the pinnae, those tufts of feathers so distinctive when the males boom.
Along with the greater prairie chicken in the genus Tympanuchus are Attwater's prairie chicken, the lesser prairie chicken and the extinct heath hen.
Attwater's greater prairie chicken: Over-hunting and conversion of prairies to agriculture have devastated it.
Tuesday's presentation ended with a surprise for the mayor -- a video of tributes featuring past and present leaders of the Schaumburg Business Association, Meet Chicago Northwest convention and visitors bureau, the Schaumburg Convention Center, Zurich North America and even Coop, the greater prairie chicken mascot of the Schaumburg Boomers baseball team.
Ferruginous hawk Northern harrier Greater prairie chicken (NA) Sharp-tailed grouse Ring-necked pheasant Mountain plover (NA) Long-billed curlew Upland sandpiper Barn owl (NA) Burrowing owl Short-eared owl Horned lark Sedge wren Sprague's pipit Bobolink (above) Eastern meadowlark (left) Western meadowlark Dickcissel Lark bunting Savannah sparrow Grasshopper sparrow Baird's sparrow LeConte's sparrow Henslow's sparrow Cassin's sparrow Vesper sparrow McGown's longspur Chestnut-collared longspur *Key: Declining Increasing Stable Insufficient data (NA) For More About Grasslands
We're adding sharp-tailed grouse, greater prairie chickens, and ruffed grouse to your game bag.
"Travel Wild Wisconsin: A Seasonal Guide to Wildlife Encounters in Natural Places" has been aptly described as "a year-long scavenger hunt through the seasons in search of Wisconsin's most interesting creatures!" Beginning with a wildlife treasure map of Wisconsin showing where to seek and sight loons, sandhill cranes, gray wolves, monarch butterflies, tundra swans, sturgeon, greater prairie chickens, saw-whet owls, whooping cranes, American bison, Canada geese, and bald eagles, "Travel Wild Wisconsin" offers multiple desirable observation destinations organized by season and by months of the year into fifteen chapters.
Among the beneficiaries of this program are creatures that depend on prairie lands, such as swift foxes (above) and greater prairie chickens (left).
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