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an uncle of your father or mother


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They said in a statement: "Meirion Huw Lloyd was a loving, doting uncle to his niece Catherine and nephew Rhodri and a doting great-uncle to Megan, Izzy and Rhodri William, who he always adorned with carefully, considered gifts.
Prince Charles' great-uncle wasn't pleased with the fact that Edward VIII threw the monarchy into turmoil over his decision to abdicate from the throne so he could marry an American divorcee in 1936.
His great-uncle died in Birmingham in 1970 and had no immediate family.
And the kamikaze pilot Matsufuji I mentioned in the article was his great-uncle and Johnson wanted to know why his American born Japanese grand-uncle had to attack the United States by sacrificing his life.
Dearly beloved father of Stephen, devoted son of Iris and the late John, loving brother to Maria, Theresa and the late Peter and a fond uncle and great-uncle. Funeral service at Bangor Crematorium on Friday June 22nd at 2.15pm.
Dearly loved son of the late Lloyd Geoffrey and Ada, beloved brother of the late Susan, much loved uncle of Nicola, Jacqueline and Adam and great-uncle of Tomas, Samual, Jacob and Elena and friend to many.
WILLIAMS Derek Peacefully passed away at the University Hospital of Wales on Sept 13, aged 87 years; loving brother of Barbara and June, devoted uncle, great-uncle and great-great-uncle to all his nieces and nephews.
IT was a journey undertaken by his grandfather and great-uncle when they escaped from a prisoner-of-war camp.
On an emotional day visiting the village where his great-uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten was assassinated, Charles said time had been a healer for him but his grief gave him a deep understanding of the hurt of others.
WEATHER WEA ALL HARRY Loving brother of Ethel, uncle of Kathleen and Sheelagh and great-uncle. Will be sadly missed always.
After her father's arrest, Marie-Laure and her great-uncle join the Resistance in Saint-Malo.
I doubt that Uncle John got to his Christmas card list this year so, as we approach the early fall months, the Mahan families wish all a very healthy, happy holiday and a very special thank you to the editor of The Item, to our great legislators, Paul Daly for your kind words, friends and especially Uncle John T's special friends, his Kirby Post brothers and sisters, Gerald Coppenrath for all his assistance with veterans' affairs and following up with our family with regards to flag markers and burial marker, the Greendale Men's Club, Turini's Diner and all those who helped our family pay tribute to a very special brother, brother-in-law, uncle, great-uncle, great-great-uncle.
A BOY teamed up with his great-uncle to kidnap his mother's lover, beat him and violate him with a stick, a court heard.
On May 17, 2014, I received word that my great-uncle Guy passed away.