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Synonyms for great-nephew

a son of your niece or nephew


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He told Williams: "You deliberately targeted an elderly woman who was out shopping and who had custody of her great-nephew, barely two years old.
Great-nephew Eric Mills has his war service medals and a certificate of commendation awarded to him by the Admiralty for his 'zeal and devotion to duty'.
David Watson, great-nephew of Noel Chavasse, inset, right, looks at the memorial after it was unveiled in Chavasse Park, left Pictures: PAUL HEAPS/ ph040811chavasse-15; and, left, ph040811chavasse-13
Her great-nephew, 27-year-old James Barnes, of Court Street, Tonypandy, was stopped on May 17 in a car for drugs offences and police discovered pounds 5,000 in cash under the seat.
Private Dibben's great-nephew Richard Dibben, who was researching his family's history, came to know of the exhumation and realised great-uncle Harry, who was a part of the 14th brigade of the 5th division of the Australian Imperial Force, could be among the unidentified soldiers.
On page 279, the third sentence of the last paragraph should read, "I then made contact with Kelley-Hawkins's great-nephew, E.
Matt Di Angelo plays Deano Wicks, a long-lost great-nephew of Pat's.
Yet her great-nephew William the Conqueror would be the one to drastically alter the future of England.
Moving in fits and starts like rush-hour traffic, the story unfolds over several decades, told by protagonist Matilda Housewright, her brother, nephews and great-nephew. The constant changes in voice can occasionally throw the reader in reverse to see who is controlling the story.
In October, General Foss, then age 87, traveled to Beaverton, Michigan, to support a great-nephew who was seeking admission to the U.S.
great-nephew of the remarkable Further Flight, spearheaded a rewarding one-two for trainer Barry Hills in the Courage Best Handicap, writes Jon Lees.
ALGIE Longbottom has spoken of his pride at seeing his great-nephew Neville accepted to Hogwarts.
Elgar's great-nephew Paul Grafton, who lives in Wetherby, Yorkshire, said because the museum only opened nine months ago it is still in a critical state of development.
Brown's nephew, Denis Brown, and his great-nephew, Phil Brown.
The courtier Vasari, calling himself a zero cancellato, claims that Michelangelo would like his name perpetuated through the baptism of a great-nephew as Michelangelo in his own lifetime.