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an aunt of your father or mother


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SAVVY AUNTIE: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR COOL AUNTS, GREAT-AUNTS, GODMOTHERS, AND ALL WOMEN WHO LOVE KIDS covers all kinds of topics and tips for aunts, from how to develop quality playtime with a niece or nephew to supporting a new mother and understanding the influential roles aunts have on a child's life.
I do not look like the sort of woman who would have secrets, and I'm sure the great-aunts I am replacing are the same.
Few people realize I'm not the real great-aunt since she's in Florida playing bridge or line dancing while I eat Jell-O salad and tasteless cake.
He didn't suffer." It was a heart attack, a detail provided in the great-aunt background information.
Is this man the reason why the great-aunt declined to come to the funeral?
LaFleur of Tucson, Ariz.; maternal grandmother, Dorothy Waseleski and her husband, Edward, of Southwick; maternal grandfather, Richard Mooar and his wife, Patricia, of Boynton Beach, Fla.; paternal grandparents, Phillip and Donna LaFleur of Fitchburg; maternal great-grandmother, Virginia Ittner of Sterling; an uncle, Darrin LaFleur of Fitchburg; an aunt, Nikki Mooar of Fitchburg; and many cousins, great-aunts and great-uncles.
If, as her great-aunts claim, she was destined to possess this gift because she is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, the solution, she reasons, is clearly to stop being a daughter.
Cousin Corny, the great-aunts, and even scary Lucy are all vividly rendered.
WE HAVE all lost moms, dads, uncles and great-aunts.
Some of us have had to endure the long suffering of lung cancer and watch our dear mothers die a painful and long death, but thank god we don't all do what Maureen Messent did to her poor great-aunt. It is murder.
Frances Allard travels from Miss Martin's School for Girls in Bath to spend the Christmas holidays with her beloved great-aunts in Mickledean.
A PROSECUTION witness in the fraud trial of a former solicitor agreed she did not know what arrangements her great-aunts had made with him.
Mothers uncles fathers sisters cousins brothers grandmothers neighbors granduncles grandfathers great-aunts great-grandmothers priests sisters teachers coaches friends.
Currently, there is no guidance as to who is included in the phrase "all parties related." This phrase could be interpreted to include everyone remotely related to the taxpayer (e.g., second cousins, great-aunts, father-in-law, etc.).
and Leona Rose of Worcester, and several great-aunts, great-uncles and cousins.