great skua

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large brown skua of the northern Atlantic

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PROTECTED J Great skua HAPPY 3 Christopher at his island home and, below, the vandalised sign to protect rare birds NOSTALGIC 3 Christopher Mylne
Great black-backed gulls, great skuas, and northern gannets out compete other birds for discard from boats.
Records stretching back 30 years indicate a tricky problem for marine conservation: When fishing vessels discard less fish-waste material, scavenging seabirds called great skuas attack and kill more neighboring seabirds.
Parasitic Jaeger + + Long-tailed Jaeger + B Great Skua - - Franklin's Gull - - Black-headed Gull - - Mew Gull - - Thayer's Gull + + Iceland Gull - - Glaucous Gull B?
Variation in weight of eggs and its effect on the breeding biology of the great skua.
Strong winds at the weekend brought unseasonal sightings of Storm-petrel and Great Skua to Rhos Point, while a Black Redstart on Bardsey was also notable.
With the levels sorted, The Great Skua and No Lucifer from latest album Do You Like Rock Music?
Their report on last year's season, compiled by head warden David Steel, reveals harsh events such as the arrival of what is described as a "ferocious" visitor - the great skua.
THAT SINKING FEELING: The Prestige sank off Spain's Galician coast in November after it broke up during a violent storm; POISONED: Puffin, left, and above, a lesser black-backed gull; HELPLESS: From left, a gannet, great skua, razorbill and guillemot
He had denied taking the egg of a rare red throated diver and two eggs of the wild great skua.
The male great skua may be out at sea during the fight and come home to find a new mate waiting for him.
VICTIMS: Above, a gannet, right, razorbill and far right, a guillemot; POISONED: Puffin, left, great skua, right and below left, a lesser black backed gull; SINKING: The Prestige goes down off the Spain coast last November
The Great Skua has been nicknamed Scottie by his Czech hosts, who found he was ringed and could tell he was from Shetland.
The day before, a Leach's storm petrel had flown past Porthcawl and a great skua, or "bonxie", had been rescued from Port Talbot beach and brought to the Kenfig Reserve Centre to be cared for.
A big burly great skua did much the same, only it targeted kittiwakes and lesser black backed gulls.