great horned owl

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brown North American horned owl

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According to Kitty Rusch, an environmental educator at DEC's Five Rivers, great horned owls can be found in the widest variety of habitats.
Great Horned Owls are mostly nocturnal, earning the nickname "Tigers of the Night," though some do hunt in daylight.
Pellets of the Great Horned Owl were easily distinguished from Barn Owl (Tyto alba) pellets by their size, texture, and color.
Disseminated lymphoma of presumptive T-cell origin in a great horned owl (Bubo virginianus).
Nevertheless, Baker (1962) found owls, specifically Great Horned Owls (Bubo virginianus), to be one of the least effective avian predators near a cave in New Mexico.
The remaining chapters present radiographic images of 12 types of domestic birds and 4 wild birds--pigeon, mallard, red tailed hawk, and great horned owl.
Trying to stay comfortable on the tiny platform, I shifted my weight, and my head swiveled on my shoulders like that of a great horned owl.
At dusk, the hooting of a great horned owl can be heard drifting across the cricket field adjacent to the wildlife area.
The great horned owl had the largest increase in population between 1995 and 1997 The scientists heard 92 more hoots in 1997 compared with 1995.
Scores of bird species range from great, soaring birds of prey to tiny hummingbirds with blue jays and goldfinches and egrets and wild turkeys and the great horned owl.
Bill Broughton of the North Wales Bird Trust with Eggbert, a Canadian great horned owl
His book Great Horned Owl was published in 2002 by Stackpole Books.
Someone has dangled a plastic great horned owl from the telephone wires.