great crested grebe

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large Old World grebe with black ear tufts

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The harvesting of the feathers was brutal, with gulls having their wings pulled off while still alive, and great crested grebes almost becoming extinct in Britain.
In effect, the plight of the great crested grebe in mid-19th-century Britain led to the birth of the British conservation movement, and ultimately its own salvation.
SPECTACLE: Amazing dances of the great crested grebe TOGETHER: Parents and chicks
"Great crested grebe!" I shouted after being prodded into the here and now by a question.
Mr Johnson told Total Politics magazine: "People are in the humiliating position of having to pretend that there's some environmental objection that they have, that the great crested grebe is going to be invaded or whatever.
TONIGHT Colin is on a mission to track down of one of Ireland's most magnificent birds - the Great Crested Grebe.
Birds are building nests, and I saw a great crested grebe sitting when I walked around Edgbaston Reservoir.
Phylogenetic analysis of HA sequences and an additional HA gene sequence from the 2009 Qinghai Lake subtype H5N1 virus isolate from a great crested grebe (from the National Avian Influenza Virus Reference Laboratory, Harbin, China) (GenBank accession no.
Among the popular varieties of migratory birds visiting the Assan Barrage Bird Sanctuary are the Ruddy shellduck, Great crested grebe, Gadwal, Coot, Tufted pochard, Pintail, Common pochard, Red crested pochard, Gargeny, Bar headed gees and Mallard.
The elusive Bittern is regularly recorded in the winter months The Flashes are known for their resident and overwintering waterfowl such as Grey Heron, Tufted Duck, Coot, Pochard, Goldeneye, Gadwall and Great Crested Grebe.
All manner of plants and flowers bloom in the walled wildlife garden and species such as the common tern, rare ducks, such as a water rail garganey and the impressive great crested grebe can all be seen on the reserve at this time of year.
Dim ond ychydig o hwyaid danheddog (Mergus merganser; goosander) oedd yn symud fel jet skis ar y dwr llonydd, a'r gwyach fawr gopog (Podiceps cristatus; great crested grebe) oedd i'w gweld ar y llyn.
Cardiff Bay also has some great bird watching opportunities with the great crested grebe resident in the wetlands reserve by St David's Hotel.
The permission is also dependent on there being no "detrimental effect through disturbance to birds" particularly Great Crested Grebe and Cormorants, as well as safety measures for spectators.
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