great circle

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a circular line on the surface of a sphere formed by intersecting it with a plane passing through the center

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After discussion, the committee unanimously recommended that for flashes mapped by an LMA, the flash length be computed as the maximum great circle distance between the extreme VHF sources minus the uncertainty in the measurement (twice the standard error, due to subtracting from both ends).
McQueen says that funders were a big part of the EHR implementation process at Great Circle, adding to the discussion what they required from a documentation and service standpoint.
As he explains: "Great Circle Life Rafts are manufactured to the highest Australian and international standards and quality assurance systems to ISO 9001:3000 (Bureau Veritas certified) and ISO 9650 (Germanischer Lloyd certified) attest this.
The Great Circle (H) shows the distance between the origin and destination TMA (extraction of 30 nm around departure and destination airports).
She is president and founder of Great Circle Associates, a management consulting practice specializing in business, organization and communications strategy and implementation and executive coaching.
On April 28, 2015 she received the Great Circle of Faith Award from Saint Thomas Health.
Great Circle Boys and Girls Town is on the north, a city park with a 40-acre fishing lake is on the east, and a new Catholic high school and homes in the $700,000-$800,000 range are on the south.
Two test methods are described in V3.4 of the test standard: the conical cut method and the great circle test method.
Or you might have a great circle of friends, but your bank account is always a mess.
During my visit, I contacted a former classmate, Tony Palmiotti who works at the school to let him know that I would drive to New York to see him at the school for a chat to refresh memories about the old-time navigation such as great circle sailing.
Additionally, Dianne worked part-time as a recruiter for IRI, a Democratic fundraising organization.In every place she lived, she created a great circle of friends.
'It is interesting to note that this new route will offer the closest direct air link between Gibraltar and any UK airport, according to Great Circle Mapping.
Turkey, Egypt and Iran have been always placed in the most important position, hence the great circle. Other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq, float in a smaller circle, while the remaining countries roam around in the orbit of the minor, less important circle.
Between the earthen circle known as the Great Circle and the cemetery stood an enormous square.
It was only while I was checking the scart lead and reading the manual that I realised the great circle of life was once again in motion.