great circle

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a circular line on the surface of a sphere formed by intersecting it with a plane passing through the center

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Great Circle life rafts use a neoprene/polybutadiene rubber and polyester fabric laminate for the life raft's buoyancy tubes and floor.
This previously unknown fact - revealed by the laser scan operation - suggests that the great 'trilithons' may have been constructed slightly before the great circle rather than being contemporary with it.
Find the great circle which is the locus of points at the intersection of the sphere and the plane.
Since only one hemisphere is displayed, each "point" is represented by one point except those "points" such as D, E, and F on the blue bounding great circle which appear twice.
The Licking County Visitors and Convention Bureau is relocating its offices to the Great Circle area of the Earthworks.
A Guide to Planning and Cruising The Great Circle Route Around the Eastern USA is an excellent pick for any serious nautical library, offering here the second edition of a voyage the author refers to as the 'longest one-way inland cruise possible in the U.
Naturally Suzanne misses her family and friends in the States but she and Carl try to visit at least twice a year and she says she has made a great circle of pals here.
He also provided Bill Shoemaker with his first winner in a EUR100,000 race - Great Circle, winner of the 1951 Santa Anita Maturity, which is now run as the Strub Stakes.
Thus, if the transitional value of the circumference of a great circle is [[chi].
Despite our differences, we're all part of the great circle of life.
Two interesting projections are explained in detail here: first, the parallel small circle projection is presented and then the vertex oriented great circle projection.
An example of the latter is an evolution along a great circle on a sphere for a two-level system which we will encounter in the forthcoming discussion.
He had started a job that he loved, he had a great circle of friends and then somebody chose to take his life.
As you read the book and learn all about owls, you can dissect a genuine owl pellet and learn about predators, prey, and the great circle of life.
It is the season that does not seem to progress--like spring--as much as it juggles blazing opposites in a great circle .