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largest European land bird


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An increase in the UK great bustard population from 15 birds to approximately 50 birds;
The study has shown that great bustard males achieve greater reproductive success and avoid "dangerous" and "unnecessary" confrontations due to the extent of development of their plumage.
Great bustards are birds of steppes and other grasslands.
David Waters, of the Great Bustard Group which is behind the reintroduction, said: "This is a huge milestone in the quest to return this magnificent bird to Britain.
But in August, after a 172-year absence, 28 orphaned bustard chicks were flown over from Russia by policeman- turned conservationist Dave Waters, head of the Great Bustard Group.
Former policeman David Waters, from Wiltshire, who has invested pounds 40,000 in the project, plans to bring 40 great bustard chicks from the Saratov region of western Russia to the UK around June 1.
I was sad to read that the Great Bustard will never flap its wings in Britain again.
The Abravski Nature Reserve, whose diverse landscape provides a home to the endemic Asian wild ass and the Great Bustard bird, is especially at risk.
Background: The great bustard is one of Europe s largest breeding bird species.
THE first great bustard chicks since 1832 have been hatched in Britain.
David Waters, of the Great Bustard Group, first released 22 birds five years ago, and more each year since, to create a viable UK population of the world's heaviest flying bird, once plentiful in Britain but hunted to extinction in the 1840s.
The return to the UK of the Great Bustard, the world's heaviest flying bird, came after a 172-year absence.
EXPERTS trying to reintroduce the world's heaviest flying bird, the great bustard, to Britain after a 172-year absence went to Russia at the weekend to find suitable chicks.
Apparently, the great bustard chicks will be reared in Russia and eventually released into the British countryside over a number of years.