great blue heron

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large American heron having bluish-grey plumage

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When nesting on Hog Island the great blue herons preyed primarily on fish from the Snake River Basin, and equal to or less than expected on fish from the Salmon and Clearwater River basins.
Great Blue Herons get their name from their blue-gray plumage and their large size.
Sometimes you'll see a great blue heron overhead, long legs stretched out behind, long neck folded in flight.
A splash on my right brought me up short: a great blue heron shrouded in ground fog snapping up salmon fingerlings.
Taxon Total Percent Pied-billed Grebe 2,023 2.4 American White Pelican 1 <0.1 Cormorants 5,004 6.0 Anhinga 43 0.1 American Bittern 13 <0.1 Least Bittern 5 <0.1 Great Blue Heron 889 1.1 Great Egret 8,328 10.0 Snowy Egret 15,093 18.1 Little Blue Heron 11,167 13.4 Tricolored Heron 661 0.8 Reddish Egret 1 <0.1 Green Heron 89 0.1 Black-crowned Night-Heron 525 0.6 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron 1,406 1.7 White Ibis 8,850 10.6 Dark Ibis 4,492 5.9 Roseate Spoonbill 162 0.2 Wood Stork 175 0.2 Geese 8 <0.1 Ducks 6,514 7.8 Sora 92 0.1 Common Moorhen 4 <0.1 American Coot 10,007 12.0 Shorebirds ** 2,361 2.8 Gulls 2,927 3.5 Terns 1,802 2.2 Belted Kingfisher 243 0.3 * Total number observed was 83,335 birds.
The largest bird at Ding Darling is the great blue heron. It may stand as tall as four feet.
"Yeah, and a few acres of wetlands are gone here, and a few gone there, and no more birds." The bored high-school students, accustomed to the eye-boggling speed of MTV, are snapped out of their ennui by the sight of a great blue heron that "swooped effortlessly across the water, his white and black head folded back against his shoulders, his long orange/yellow legs trailing behind."
In "The Mercenary Heart" he confesses to using another poet's response to the death of a great blue heron, aware that he is indifferent to the death and using it only as inspiration to write something of his own worth preserving.
Double-crested Cormorants were the most widespread nesters (N = 37), followed by Great Blue Heron (N= 26), Great Egret (N=13), Black-crowned Night-Heron (N = 4), Cattle Egret (N=3), and Snowy Egrets (N = 2).
SPENCER -- A Great Blue Heron found injured on Paxton Road on Sept.
Soul External: Rediscovering the Great Blue Heron is a book to be savored.
Their small acreage along the Columbia River Slough fosters more than one hundred species of birds, including Bald Eagles and Great Blue Heron, twelve native species of fish, western pond turtles, beaver, muskrat, river otter, and black-tailed deer.