great black-backed gull

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white gull having a black back and wings

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Great black-backed gulls - up to twice the size of the herring gulls we normally see in towns - are the top predators at sea colonies in the wild.
The Great Black-backed Gull was one of the many species originally described by Linnaeus in his 18th-century work, Systema Naturae, and it still bears its original name of Larus marinus.
Great black-backed gulls, great skuas, and northern gannets out compete other birds for discard from boats.
Nest spacing, reproductive success, and behavior of the Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus).
At 16:01, I again saw an adult Great Black-backed Gull pursuing an ibis in flight.
There are several records of Herring Gulls breeding with other species of large white-headed gulls in North America including California Gulls, Glaucous-winged Gulls, Iceland Gulls, Glaucous Gulls, Thayer's Gulls, and Great Black-backed Gulls (McCarthy 2006).
The first pair of great black-backed gulls to breed in Cardiff was spotted in 2006.
The mild-mannered great black-backed gulls - up to twice the size of herring gulls normally seen in urban areas - are being seen increasingly in town and city areas, a European expert on urban gulls said.
A dozen pairs of great black-backed gulls - "a bruiser of a gull" says David - bred on the islands.
On their remote islands, puffins have few predators, but Great Black-backed Gulls and Peregrine Falcons are their greatest predators at the nesting colonies.
You will see Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Glossy Ibises, Cormorants, Great Black-backed Gulls, and Night Herons--all roosting within a wing's flap of the Empire State Building.
The adults provide a spectacular sight if predators - including herons and herring or great black-backed gulls - pass overhead.
Many islands that traditionally were used as nesting sites by roseate terns have been taken over by herring gulls (Larus argentatus) and great black-backed gulls (L.
In North America, American Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus smithsonianus) and Great Black-backed Gulls (Larus marinus) catch and eat Savannah Sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis) (N.
The island supports bird species like puffins, Manx shearwaters, storm petrels, guillemots, razorbills, fulmars, herring gulls, lesser and great black-backed gulls and ravens.