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As Tomasello sees it, hominin life became fundamentally different from great ape social life, because an ecological trigger forced a change from individual to collaborative foraging (especially cooperative hunting), and hominin foragers became interdependent.
Within 1 week before the outbreak in chimpanzees, staff members at the great ape facility had respiratory disease (coughing and nasal discharge), which coincided with peak HMPV season in the United States (Figure 1).
Major successes include the discovery of new Cross River gorilla populations in the Tofala-Mone Forest Corridor, the launch of a great apes monitoring programme, the creation of community management structures and successful education and livelihood projects in the project area.
Twycross is renowned as a specialist primate centre and is also the only UK zoo to care for every type of great ape, including bonobos, gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees.
This is the third species of endangered great ape born at the zoo over the last 12 months, following Lope, a gorilla, in January and Monkonzi, a bonobo, in February.
Bonobos are probably the least understood great ape in Africa, so this paper is pivotal in increasing our knowledge and understanding of this beautiful and charismatic animal.
The Great Ape Conservation Act, enacted in 2000, authorized the spending of $5 million annually over five years to help protect apes in the wild.
MELBOURNE: Two new movies released this month - one a science-fiction blockbuster, the other a revealing documentary - raise the issue of our relations with our closest non-human relatives, the great apes.
There are six species of great ape and 16 species of gibbon, all under threat from hunting, deforestation and disease.
Dr Hockings, who works with the Scottish Primate Research Group, said in some areas which border great ape habitats, people routinely had to confront gorillas while out shopping .
Orangutans could become the first great ape to become extinct unless action is taken to protect the species from human encroachment in Southeast Asia, according to a US study.
In November, conservation groups and the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) established a new reserve to protect the bonobo, a great ape found only in the DRC's vast tropical forests.
Des Moines, Iowa (the Great Ape Trust of Iowa) Bonus question: Africa: bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas; Asia: orangutans
The Associated Press photo shows representatives of the Great Ape Trust holding two trumpeter swans, and the caption ended with this baffling statement: "A group of apes called bonobos will name the swans, whose offspring will be released in the wild.
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