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He could imagine their terror when they awoke and found the dead body of their comrade fast in the cage where they had left the great ape safely secured but a few minutes before.
From safety points in the trees the great apes watched, screaming hatred at Sheeta and advice at Tarzan, for the progenitors of man have, naturally, many human traits.
Soon you will kill--and feed," he murmured in the vernacular of the great apes.
Great apes jabbered at them and menaced them; but Tarzan answered them after their own kind, giving back taunt for taunt, insult for insult, challenge for challenge.
Calling the effort the Great Ape Project ("Project"), a number of scholars, scientists, and activists have organized to demand recognition of moral and legal rights for great apes.
Take their reference to "a campaign in New Zealand to give the great apes constitutional rights [by] the Great Ape Project, which seeks to award apes the same rights as those possessed by humans.
This topic is explored in rich detail in The Great Ape Project: Equality Beyond Humanity, edited by Paola Cavalieri and Peter Singer (St.
New acoustic tiles installed this week in the Great Ape House at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.
If supported by further research, the apparent difference between great ape and human social cognition would thus lie not in their basic capacity to 'read' other minds, but elsewhere.
The UN Environment's World Conservation Monitoring Centre is pleased to be able to bring its data management expertise to the benefit of great ape conservation," said the Centre's director Neville Ash.
From its 80-acre site near Atherstone, the zoo will join the United Nations Great Ape Survival Partnership, which has the support of 31 governments from countries across the world.
Great ape team leader Simon Childs said: "We're all very proud.
Washington, Nov 27 ( ANI ): A study, which is the most detailed range-wide assessment of the bonobo- formerly known as the pygmy chimpanzee- ever conducted, has revealed that this endangered great ape is quickly losing space in a world because of forest fragmentation and poaching.
Using this framework, researchers can test predictions of great ape behavior and, as in the case of this study, confirm humans and apes share many aspects of emotional functioning.
com)-- Big Apes Love Blondes for iPhone offers players a chance to become a really great ape.
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