greasy spoon

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a small restaurant specializing in short-order fried foods

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Self-taught and highly acclaimed chef Ellis Barrie said: "In nine years we've turned what was a greasy spoon on a caravan park in to a thriving restaurant, and during this time we also branched out into videoing cookery demonstrations which we filmed in our restaurant's kitchen.
Ellis said: "The cafe started out as a greasy spoon in a chicken shed.
Even before Guy Fieri brought his Diners, Drive-ins, arid Dives to the Putah Creek Cafe ($.S; 1 Main St.;, locals flocked to the shined-up greasy spoon to start their day with fresh berry waffles and mammoth plates of biscuits and gravy.
JOURNOSC ELEBRATE JUBILEEAYE ARL ATE Few work's outings head for the same destination for 26 successive years, but Bath racecourse was again the venue for a social gathering of a dozen racing journalists who meet up in 'a greasy spoon' near Paddington before their journey west.
She served him when he stopped by the greasy spoon where she was working as a waitress.
Freddie Starr He had won the "greasy spoon" bushtucker trial after the determined comedian chomped through mice tails, a pig's anus and turkey testicles among the grim items, while fellow contestant Mark Wright looked on aghast.
Monday's episode will see the first contestants to be voted for by the public, Mark and Freddie, go head to head in a Bushtucker Trial called Greasy Spoon.
She gets a job waitressing at the local greasy spoon and meets the mysterious and attractive Finn, a co-worker who makes A1yssa if she's doomed to always fall for the wrong person.
(8.00pm) The chef and restaurateur takes his eight trainees for a breakfast shift at one of the oldest 'greasy spoon' cafes in London, and the hopefuls experience work at a curry house.
In casual clothes and no make-up, Cameron had a great day in the rundown area where neighbouring highlights include a Lidl discount store and several greasy spoon cafes.
Heidi's Family Restaurant is a bit of a greasy spoon, but its kitsch value and hearty menu, including pancakes, fruit crepes, Belgian waffles, and the ever-changing "kitchen sink omelet," make it a must.
Sample composes several songs, including "The Territory, "Viva De Funk" and "Creepin,'" while Felder composes "Goin' Home" and "Heartland," and Hooper contributes "Greasy Spoon." Donnie McClurkin lends his distinctive voice to "Sing the Song" and "A Healing Coming On," which also features Sounds of Blackness.
If you doubt this, consider the multiple meanings of "grease," as in "greaser" and "greasy spoon." Among the nutritionally "correct" upper middle class people of my acquaintance, a dinner of French bread and pasta has long been considered a suitable offering for guests--followed by a plate of bone-dry Biscotti.
Behind the counter of a greasy spoon. In the drab Kitchen of their small apartment Chino elaborates for Ellie his American Dream of a house by the ocean with a two- Car garage "We're gonna need it because we're gonna cars," he explains.