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Synonyms for grease

a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery)

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the state of being covered with unclean things

lubricate with grease

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So the performance of the much-respected and moderate Powell could go a long way to greasing the skids for war.
If the conspiracy freaks who eternally warn that the administration is up to no good, perhaps even greasing the skids for martial law, might finally be on to something.
It is ironic that the man responsible for greasing the skids for the fall of the shah of Iran and ushering in the radical Islamic government in Iran we are having problems with today, with a possible nuclear threat, should call the Bush administration the worst in history.
Otherwise, most of Huckabee's bad moves (calling his own state a "banana republic," displaying an unrepentant fondness for inappropriate gifts, greasing the skids for casino-like gambling at Oaklawn and Southland) have been counterbalanced by good ones, like his determination to improve the health of Arkansans and his compassion for immigrants, legal and otherwise.
That's why IBM Corp is greasing the skids a little with discounts on software fees that are associated with the move from 31-bit mainframes from itself and former rivals Hitachi Ltd and Amdahl Corp to its 64-bit zSeries 800, 900, and 990 machines.
Typically, just by greasing the skids with campaign contributions and gearing up their lobbying machinery, oil companies and other big businesses are able to prevail.