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Synonyms for greasiness

consisting of or covered with oil

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It was the greasiness of the chips and the additives some things contained that made me want to change what I eat.
It disappeared quickly into the skin without any trace of greasiness and seemed to ease puffiness straight away.
The three dips that accompanied it -hoi sin, sweet chilli and what tasted like teriyaki sauces -were sharp enough to mask the greasiness of the fried food.
It's slightly oilier in application than some moisturisers, but does absorb readily without residue or too much greasiness.
Moisturizer SPF 15: A lightweight day lotion with willowherb and clover extracts, that moisturizes skin where needed, without adding greasiness.
It also provides a light cushion without greasiness for an elegant, non-oily feel on the skin.
If your hair is prone to greasiness, only use oil on the tips to seal split ends.
The additional water also has the effect of cleansing the palette thereby diminishing aftertastes of fats such as greasiness and filminess.
It's beautifully smooth to rub on and feels like it creates a protective layer over the skin, without a feeling of greasiness.
It also has a great consistency and rubs into the skin really well, leaving no trace of greasiness at all.
The creaminess of the potato was perfectly complemented by the piquant flavour of the sauce, which cut through any greasiness.
It is possible for women to have the benefits of anti-ageing creams without the waxiness and the greasiness," she says.
The team reviewed 160 formulations and found that consumers in Brazil and India have a strong preference for formulations with low residual film and low greasiness upon application.