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Synonyms for greasiness

consisting of or covered with oil

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He said Definicire is close to sebum in chemical structure, but with slightly higher carbon chain lengths to optimize performance and avoid greasiness.
Other diagnoses to consider when evaluating dermatitides affecting skin folds include: other infectious causes, which may be ruled out by fungal or bacterial culture; inverse psoriasis, which will frequently demonstrate scale; atopic dermatitis, which will be pruritic with history of atopy; irritant or contact dermatitis, which will often have correlating clinical history; seborrheic dermatitis, which will often involve greasiness and scale; and less commonly, acrodermatitis enteropathica, which will be accompanied by diarrhea and hair loss.
NIVEAAa Care's breakthrough formula offers deep nourishment without leaving behind any greasiness, providing a completely new skin feeling.
The greasiness of the fatberg reflects the increasingly fatty diet of Londoners.
It provides deep hydration with greasiness, helps with acne inflammation and other skin irritations while relaxing mind and body.
Panelists were encouraged to use a 5 point hedonic scale to rate their perception of the material according to color, odor, flavor and greasiness. The scale consisted of categories ranging from 'I like it very much' (5), going through neutral (3), until 'I do not like it at all' (1).
Fried so they were satisfyingly decadent and moreish without straying into greasiness, their slightly spiced pork and prawn filling was made deliciously light with coriander.
Slightly woody, relatively tasteless and with a tiny hint of an aftertaste to boot, the decidedly average chips with an odd mixture of textures and varying degrees of greasiness and dryness made me wish I could have had a movie-style reboot.
Dobrev concluded that this argan oil-containing formulation was efficacious in lessening the greasiness and improving the appearance of oily facial skin.
* Coconut & Hibiscus Kids Extra-Moisturizing Detangler--This mild, moisture-rich treatment detangles, softens and tames thick, wavy hair--without greasiness. Natural and certified organic ingredients restore luster to dry, dull hair.
Silicone (the stuff that makes your hair feel smooth) can build up and create residue--aka greasiness, limpness and dullness.
Various kinds of topical ointments, creams and lotions are commonly prescribed treatments for psoriasis, but they show low compliance rates, largely due to their greasiness and inability to absorb into the skin wherefore they are present on the skin for a long time after application.
But the deep-fried unleavened bread base was really excellent, nicely crisp with not a hint of greasiness. The chicken pakora was a crispy and crunchy appetiser - deep-fried chicken that was bursting with the flavours of India.
The products contain diffusing agents which can cause excessive greasiness in these cats.