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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Mexican descent

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McCullough and Greaser offer these tips on selecting summer footwear: choose shoes with built-in arch support, a low heel, and adequate padding for the ball of your foot; select sandals with straps that hold the foot in the sandal; and consider wearing athletic shoes if you have plans for extensive walking.
The sitcom was about the ideal Cunningham family who lived through the 1950s with help and guidance from the lovable and almost superhuman and handsome greaser, Fonzie.
Did the thought of starting work really scare him, or did he look forward to it as something new and adventurous, like Jamesie, who was too excited to sleep the night before he took on his first job as a greaser in the Meadowland tinworks?
Chris also has a cameo appearance as the "Greaser" in the opening bar scene.
11.35PM Long before Natural Born Killers came THE film about serial killing sweethearts, Martin Sheen played a 1950s greaser from the wrong side of the tracks.
It's California, 1959 and greaser Danny Zuko and Australian Sandy Olsson are in love.
London-born Jools progressed from playing pubs in the East End docks as a teenage greaser, to leading his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra and selling millions of records.
(The Paris event saw riders such as thesp Guillaume Canet, dressed as a '50s greaser, with Marion Cotillard cheering him on.) Style judges in L.A.
We love his 50s, Elvis wannabe, Teddy Boy Greaser look.
The first convincingly contends that an infusion of immigrants from various Latin American countries during the Gold Rush developed over time a Latino identity from a shared experience of violence (lynching), assaults on real property, and discriminatory legislation such as the California Foreign Miners Tax of 1850 and the "Greaser Act" of 1855.
As well as new material, it will feature new versions of JT tracks such as Requiem, From A Deadbeat To An Old Greaser, Moths, Home and Fire At Midnight, Barre.
March has designed eight show-stopping wig styles, namely Geisha, Greaser, Starlet, Witch, Medusa, Monster Bride, Mohawk and Afro, Target said.
The film told of good girl Sandy and greaser Danny who fell in love during a summer in the 1950s.