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a greasy substance used as makeup by actors

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Now Jack, 65, from Hill Farm Avenue, Whitestone, is abandoning the lure of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowds.
Red Rum (75, 76); Greasepaint (83, 84); Suny Bay (97, 98).
So it's business as usual - Marilyn cakes on the greasepaint, stirs up the hype and declares that the show must go on.
AN AMATEUR actor will be swopping greasepaint for hard graft when he takes on a gruelling sponsored run to benefit sick children in Nuneaton.
WHEN shy Johnny Murphy dons white greasepaint, ragged trousers and bright boots, he becomes a big hit with the ladies.
Bruno is 41 and has not done anything more demanding than scrub greasepaint off his face after another appearance as a pantomime dame since he hung up his gloves in 1998.
The smell of ink and hot metal got into my blood that day, the way that the smell of greasepaint does with actors or the smell of money does with estate agents.
PANTOMIME dame Iain Lauchlan appeared minus his greasepaint when he paid a flying visit to Atherstone.
NEALE DOUGHTY rode the Gordon Richards-trained Hallo Dandy to beat Greasepaint in the 1984 Grand National.
KISS AND MAKE-UP: Anna still wearing her greasepaint after the show; Picture: RICHARD YOUNG; SOAP TO SUDS: Friel is all froth and no sizzle as the sexy vamp, Lulu
Finally, I suspect that just millimetres beneath that serious exterior lurks a theatrical nature that will revel in tights, greasepaint and comedy frocks.
Dual post-war runners-up have been Tudor Line, Freddie, Red Rum, Greasepaint, Durham Edition and Suny Bay.
Finally there was an all-over application of greasepaint, plus highlights for faces and body contours.
FENCE 29: Pinged it on Hallo Dandy and were then three lengths clear of the only challenger Greasepaint.
Red Rum (1975/76), Greasepaint (1983/84), Suny Bay (1997/98).