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Synonyms for grease

a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery)

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the state of being covered with unclean things

lubricate with grease

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In October 1940 PRC cast him as a mad doctor in The Devil Bat; determined to take revenge on two businessmen to whom he had sold the formula for a greaseless cold cream years before, Paul Carruthers worked out a deadly experiment: he changed an ordinary bat into an eagle-sized predator ready to attack and kill when smelling a special fragrance in an after-shave.
Type E Solution bearings have high load capacity and the same dimensional footprint of industry-standard Type E tapered roller bearings along with the advantages of being fully non-corrosive and completely greaseless.
The plug was lubricated with a greaseless surgical lubricant prior to intubation, which was accomplished with either an obturator or a laryngoscope and forceps ("preferably of the Magill type").
The greaseless unscented lotion is used to massage away minor aches and strains for fast-acting relief and is great for on-the-go use, say officials.
The lotion is billed as a greaseless lotion that can massage away minor aches and strains for fast-acting relief.
Light, greaseless, salty-sweet churros with chocolate, and their famous MadrileEo speciality, bocadillo de calamares: just- fried squid rings packed into a floury baguette, like an Iberian po'boy.
I was equally delighted with my starter of Parmesan beignets ($9), a sort of French doughnut and a favorite of mine whether sweet, as at New Orleans' famous Cafe du Monde, or savory, as was the case with these charmers: perfectly crisp little balls of expertly fried dough hot and greaseless from the oil, flavored internally with Parmesan, plated on tiny dollops of orange blossom honey and scented with thyme.
EXO technology creates a greaseless, permanently lubricious surface that's harder than the substrate itself.
It is a greaseless vanishing cream that moisturizes and brings out natural beauty Dermisa Skin Helps lighten and prevent age spots, Fade Cream freckles and skin discoloration; help fades discoloration caused by over exposure to the sun, aging pregnancy, minor scars and birth control pills Products Exemplars Ultra Glow to fade skin discolorations while its Cleansing Bar greaseless moisturizing action and Skin Tone smoothes and softens the skin Cream Clear essence Formulated for people of color.
FailZero's greaseless weapon upgrades are rapidly, gaining world-wide attention.
Emu oil is a good skin cream ingredient because it is odorless, greaseless and penetrates the skin quickly.
The Tefal Greaseless Spoon Cafe is coming to Dublin's South William Street on Tuesday and will serve healthy food for free.
FailZero greaseless weapon upgrades, eliminating the need to oil gun parts, are made to fit AR-15 rifles.
A 60p cone of dry, greaseless chips weighing 320g on my in-car scales then delivers mixed results.
With a complete range of greaseless, grease bar and liquid emulsion polishing compounds, mops, buffs, non-wovens and brushes for manual and automatic systems and coated and bonded abrasives from selected major suppliers, Lea provides products, technology and support to customers around the world.