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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Italian descent

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I also enjoyed the One Rock and Roll Too Many scene which included Tom Kanavan (Greaseball) and Cameron Neilson (Caboose) and slowly warmed to the silly love story between Kristofer Harding (Rusty) and Gemma Atkins (Pearl).
Among the trains is the American Greaseball, who I thought looked like John Travolta but is supposed to be like Elvis Presley, Buffy the buffet car, Dinah the dining car and Rusty, an old steam train.
With its outlandish cyber-punk costumes, memorable characters from Greaseball and Electra to Rusty and Poppa and a stunning exhibition of roller skating it's the fastest stage show out there.
Contestants include the Pacific Daylight (otherwise known as Greaseball), a macho diesel train; Espresso, an Italian train; Bobo, a French train and Electra, a high-tech electric train.
We are quickly introduced to the trains and carriages, the three main trains being Greaseball, last year's race winner Electra, a sparkling new train of the future and, of course, Rusty, an old steam train who doesn't quite believe in himself.
If they didn't give us their scraps, we said--the half-broken chips and fragments of batter that had fallen off fried fish fillets--we'd expose their shop in our 'Food Review' as a dodgy greaseball. They must have liked this approach, because they did give us scraps and even a few whole chips.
(I remember my father commenting in his later years, "Where I came from, if they caught you eating a submarine sandwich or a pizza, you were a greaseball. Now it's fashionable"--the last word pronounced with a fine Azorean sneer.) So was there anything at all attractive about Portuguese?
He calls me greaseball! For five months he insults me!
In the university, nicknamed "Bola de Churre" or "Greaseball" because of his unkempt ways, Fidel became one of the political gangsters who carried guns to school and used them.
Sex Siren Sally is about to start hosting Knicker Parties (since she started seeing Greaseball Greg, she should try hanging on to her own).
The fun and forthright Glow (premiering on June 23 on Netflix) is a 10-episode dramedy about the nascent days of televised female professional wrestling, in which a disparate group of underemployed actresses, models, party girls and unwitting introverts are recruited by a greaseball B-movie director to try something that's never been done before.
the reigning champion, Greaseball, and the engine of the future, Electra.
Joining him on stage is Kristofer Harding as Rusty, Jamie Capewell as Greaseball, Lothair Eaton as Poppa, Amanda Coutts as Pearl and Ruthie Stephens as Dinah.
So far, not counting her one-night wonders, I've given my thumbs down to: her boy racer with a flash car (she loved his car, he loved his wife more); a greaseball 15 years older than her (with a string of pre-divorce flings); an online blind date (so obviously only after sex he didn't have to pay for, I couldn't credit why she saw him as a soulmate).
It was fun when Greaseball and Dinah decided to take me for a spin.