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Synonyms for grease

a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery)

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the state of being covered with unclean things

lubricate with grease

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If there are particular institutional hurdles that cause transaction expenditures, corruption may cut them down and grease the wheels of commerce, and subvert the persistence and dependability of the institutional setting.
Big companies also grease the wheels through campaign contributions, especially to incumbent members of Congress in leadership roles.
Now it's up to regulators to help grease the wheels allowing demand to pick up and the creation of new jobs.
3370, was introduced by the House Republican leadership late Friday night in order to grease the wheels for prompt House action.
This is a deliberate bid by government to grease the wheels for their favourite pass-time of privatisation - usually at the expense of working people, public services and even the economy.
AMBASSADORS (9pm BBC2) REV star Tom Hollander effectively steals the show from under the noses of David Mitchell, pictured, and Robert Webb when he guests as Prince Mark, a minor Royal who's been invited to Tazbekistan to grease the wheels for a trade agreement.
Manners grease the wheels of society, allowing people to get along with one another by showing mutual respect - and that is no small thing
Development projects abound, and Worcester is wisely working to grease the wheels that bring in foot traffic, business and livability.
Nowadays it seems that such behavior is often accepted in order, so to say, to grease the wheels of social exchange and interaction.
Analysts are predicting that about two dozen technology companies will go public this year, noting that Facebook's much-publicized IPO is likely to grease the wheels for other established companies with strong revenue growth.
Investment banks that grease the wheels of global capital would see their fortunes decline, too, with fewer mergers to advise on and less investment advice to give.
Planned Lower East Side eatery reaches out to community to grease the wheels [Bowery Boogie]
What the professors are saying is that, as career diplomats argue over technicalities as to what the Gulf should be called, the private sector is quietly going about its business and using whichever term helps grease the wheels of commerce.
During times of financial crisis, the job market is always the first to suffer with companies keen to reduce outgoings by shedding staff which further increases the significance of so many companies actively seeking employees that will eventually help grease the wheels of local economy.
Questions raised about that suggest that possibly there is some inertia inside these two campaigns - trying to grease the wheels to get going all over again," he said.