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Synonyms for crayon

writing implement consisting of a colored stick of composition wax used for writing and drawing


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write, draw, or trace with a crayon

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We would push large dolly-type carts, and mark the prices with a grease pencil.
The grease pencil is important for various reasons.
In Operation Anaconda, in Afghanistan, Hotaling directed aircraft using old Soviet maps--which he found to be surprisingly accurate--and a grease pencil.
But when the strains of Albert Ammons, the great boogie-woogie pianist, hit the still darkened screen, we knew, even while we waited through aeons of white leader liberally splotched with giant grease pencil marks, that we were in for something heroic.
It was the golden age of Hollywood, and Lane - who has lived in the same hilltop Woodland Hills home for 47 years - was there to chronicle it all with his grease pencil from 1947 to 1987, when the original Derby closed for good.
When emplaced, the unit, the date-time group, and the hazard are written on the marker, typically using a grease pencil.
They plot their movements with grease pencil over acetate on hard-copy maps.
It's laminated so I can use a grease pencil to check off each item.
It will be the warrant officers who will not only integrate digital processes into daily operations but also will be able to brief supported commanders from digital displays with the same ease they would have if they were briefing from maps with grease pencil markings.
They also function as a quick chronicle of planting times, fertilizer schedules, and harvest dates when you write on the back with a grease pencil.
Strauss worked in broadcasting 14 years ago but says today's tools--many loaded onto personal computers--are infinitely easier to use than those from the days when journalists had to mark audio tape with a grease pencil and cut and paste.
6 When the time is at hand for one of your trips, check each item off your list with a grease pencil as you pack it.
Geological Survey topographic map you're using, with those tired, smudgy acetate overlays showing, for example, your latest timber cut, on which you've been drawing with a grease pencil.