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a greasy substance used as makeup by actors

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COLIN, beads of sweat forcing their way through red and white grease paint smeared on his face, took another gulp of warm lager and bellowed: "We're going to win this tournament.
As a teacher, Huw had some great attributes, and the children loved him, but the roar of the grease paint finally won, and he became one of the small band of actors who ventured into the Welsh professional field during the '70s.
Formed in 1973, its music and personification was gothic and larger than life, with comic book costumes, grease paint, massive drum kits, explosives flashing and blood and fire spitting.
The newly appointed vicechancellor donned the grease paint again and tapped into his acting talent to tell the tragic tale of courtesan Anarkali's love affair with the emperor's son and heir to the throne -- Salim.
If I want to see him in his full grease paint and bald cap, I'll have to head down to the Echo Arena later this month.
Professional thespians and eager amateurs across the land will be slapping on the grease paint and taking to the stage.
She says that "the world seems a little less serious when you're wearing grease paint." In this time of war and recession, it's nice to see some people aren't taking life too seriously.
THE ROAR of the crowd and smell of the grease paint is well known among theatre goers, but in a sniff under three weeks, auditions begins for the biggest football show on earth - The World Cup.
"It was like we'd smeared black grease paint on our faces." But hostile critics remained silent.
A cast of 41 from King Henry VIII School, Coventry, have been donning costumes and grease paint for the four-night run of As You Like It, which finishes tonight.
He's the barrelman and the funnyman and the "gladiator in grease paint" all rolled into on.
Before he was seduced by the grease paint and bright lights, Gabriel was in training to become a priest - until he was thrown out of the seminary he was in for smoking.
Legendary makeup artist Max Factor created the first flexible grease paint that allowed movie actors to speak without smearing their makeup.