grease monkey

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someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles

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The company's brands include Grease Monkey, SpeeDee, LubePro's and Monkey Shine, as well as over 40 Havoline xpress lube locations "Driven by Grease Monkey" in Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida.
Grease Monkey provides oil changes and other automotive maintenance services performed by certified technicians.
The three men shown killing Jack are listed in the credits as "Killer Mechanic", "Grease Monkey", and "Assailant".
Recommend this to fans of Tim Eldred's Grease Monkey or to fans of Danziger's classic novel This Place Has No Atmosphere.
What's more, envy is so compartmentalized that one profession seldom envies another: The lawyer does not envy the physician, the used-car salesman the mail carrier, the grease monkey the florist.
Provocative set-up finds a fussy floozy (Mariella Valentini) confronting timid daughter Lenni (Regina Orioli) at the grubby Italian filling station where the runaway lives and works with tight-lipped grease monkey lover Stella (Maya Sansa).
During the war, my grandmother was a "grease monkey." A grease monkey is somebody that works on the air base and takes the engines apart and cleans them.
Grease Monkey: Argentine e-mechanic builds websites from his Miami garage
In his presentation, "Brief Writing: True Confessions of a Legal Grease Monkey," Second District Court of Appeal Judge Chris Altenbernd offered this advice: "If you can find a layperson who is willing to read your draft, beg them to read it.
Most people still think 'automotive technician' means grease monkey, and the requirements today don't support that image."
I recently saw a brochure which proclaimed that, "The Grease Monkey Is Dead." The obvious reference is to the mechanic who was said to fix equipment by one of three methods: hit it with a hammer, tighten it with a monkey wrench or grease it as heavily as possible.
The company's brands include: Grease Monkey, SpeeDee, LubePro's and Monkey Shine car wash.
My first job after high school was grease monkey at a Nash dealership.
However, it soon becomes clear the 'breakdown' was just a ruse to get the grease monkey on his own when Robert leans in for a kiss.