grazing land

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a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock

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The grazing land is ideal for those interested in equestrian pursuits.
The fence was erected by three farmers in 2003 along two miles of the road between Carrshield and Allendale in Northumberland, which passes through 28 square miles of common-stinted grazing land.
The grazing land is being broken into parcels," said Karen Hutchings, a resident.
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ( Defra ( announced, in their mid term review of December 2004, a new subsidy payment for the grazing land for horses.
The farmhouse, to be completed with over half of the outbuildings together with approximately 12 acres of grazing land, is available for offers over pounds 375,000.
There are lawned gardens to the front, side and rear, field with grazing land, and outbuilding with two rooms.
It includes a two bedroom cottage, stables and grazing land.
They covered issues including impact on wildlife, grazing land for horses, local schools not having sufficient capacity, and noise and light pollution.
The localities have a high agricultural potential with plentiful supply of grazing land and water availability.
The company's application, for a turbine on grazing land at Court Green Farm, Wilton Lane, secured approval at a Redcar and Cleveland Council regulatory committee meeting.
But they could either not be identified or they failed to voluntarily remove the horses to suitable grazing land.
Harvesting bush provides the opportunity to increase the amount of grazing land while producing a resource that can be sold, and also restore the natural habitat for wildlife.
The causes of such disputes range from cattle theft, land dispute or water points and grazing land as well as political influences and revenge attacks on past killings.
The money will help farmers struggling financially following the winter drought and wet summer which has led to a shortage of grazing land, low stocks of fodder and a poor harvest, compounded by the rising cost of feed and fuel.
Currently the site, which is part of an area designated as "green wedge" in the Middlesbrough Local Plan, consists of stables and parking along with grazing land.