grazing land

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a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock

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Reynolds owns thousands of acres of grazing land in Guatemala and Costa Rica through its subsidiary, Del Monte.
There is adjoining grazing land and the small lake, formed by the damming of an eastern tributary of the Honeycrook Burn, offers habitat to moorhens, coots and swans.
Cattle rustling and clashes over grazing land and water are relatively common among pastoralist communities in the dry patches of east Africa and often escalate into revenge attacks.
Kuchis and Hazara have been fighting over grazing land, which both sides claim belongs to them.
Officials are going after livestock because ranchers routinely find ways to avoid fines for illegal logging by felling public forests for grazing land.
The money will allow the club to transform former grazing land into a competition-standard football pitch.
Three blocks of hill grazing land near Newtown sold for pounds 278,500 at auction last week.
YOUTHS who have been pestering horses owned by Nuneaton's Riding for the Disabled Association have forced organisers to seek alternative grazing land nearer to the group's Galley Common stables.
The Willows sanctuary, a refuge for injured animals, is in jeopardy because 65 acres of grazing land used by their 300 animals is up for sale.
farm and grazing land, and Australian pines and Brazilian pepper trees are slurping up Florida's fresh water.
The transformations of the agricultural landscapes interest him much less, and grazing land not at all.
Yet by the time of the Renaissance, the forest had been decimated--for firewood, furlongs, grazing land, timber for houses, and the insatiable demands for masts, keelsons, framing members, and planking for ships of the line and the merchantmen.
"The sites are: Warehouse at Wakefield Road, land at Lockwood Road, land at Snelsins Road, former Combs hostel, Dewsbury land at Whitaker Street, land at Brighton Street, Deighton grazing land, Britannia Mills, and grazing Land at Gledholt Bank.
THIS stone-built barn conversion includes an all-weather outdoor equestrian arena with around 2.5 acres of paddock grazing land which is available by separate negotiation.
With every flood he was losing more valuable grazing land and silt was clogging up the river.