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The three ware types present a homogeneous range of thicknesses, but graywares, while they share similar wall thicknesses to black and brown sherds, have a tendency toward thicker walls.
Grayware such as trackware and browser hijackers will also slowly fall off in number as they cannot scale well in an era of million-member botnets.
Caracteristicas: Suite de seguridad para el SoHo, hasta tres licencias para computadoras de escritorio o portatiles, seguridad antivirus, proteccion antispyware (bloquea adware, grayware, rootkits), firewall personal, intercepta hackers y ataques ala red, prevencion de intrusos y proteccion de identidad, antiphishing, monitoreo de redes inalambricas, console de administracion y otras funciones.
It is their unhindered execution value, combined with various malware and grayware, that make exploits popular tools in the information thief's arsenal.
The appliance acts as the first line of defense against threats like spyware, grayware, viruses, and phishing.