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Synonyms for grayly

having a grey appearance


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The Times grayly conceded productivity was an "arcane statistic." But, the article added, it "nevertheless explains--more than any other statistic--how the economy can grow as strongly as it has the last four years without generating more inflation.
Now--in the 10 years since The Wall came down--what was once a grayly Sovietized East Berlin has begun to flourish visibly, with new hotels, shops, eateries, and literally countless building projects.
The sun had slipped behind the sierra and shadow, grayly soothing, bathed the little town and the shore far below.
By placing stencils on objects and leaving them outdoors to accumulate delicate layers of the grime that is a major component of L.A.'s air, Abeles created a host of artworks including images of food on chinaware, likenesses of lungs on sheets of glass, and, most amusingly, a set of commemorative plates on which the faces of American presidents are grayly portrayed by the thin layer of pollution.
Fifteen years later, on this drizzly July afternoon in 1988 as the sky hung grayly over mountains to the east, we were here again for a further look, crawling like three salamanders under the bushes, over and around slickmossed, decaying cull logs from the 1960s, our rubber boots mucking in jet-black organic mud.