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of brown tinged with grey

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2i, 4c-d), the pollen cones becoming reddish-tan to tan to grayish-brown (Figs.
Like the patternless marbled whiptails described by Ballinger and McKinney (1968) in Texas, the dorsal pattern was uniformly grayish-brown, and ventral scales were lacking the black flecks common to this species.
Girdling Jupiter's southern latitudes of 7[degrees] to 20[degrees], the SEB is normally a prominent reddish or grayish-brown feature that is often divided into discrete northern and southern components (the SEBn and SEBs) by a lighter zone (the SEBZ).
In recent days, officials said, Santa Ana winds blowing through the Angeles National Forest, where the fire charred a 250-square-mile area, created a grayish-brown haze of dust and ash that has hovered over Los Angeles, especially in the Northeast Valley.
This leads us to suspect that their docile behaviors of 1) shrinking the body into a ball and remaining still when threatened, and 2) relying on their grayish-brown color for camouflage among the P.
Shetland sheep, whose fine, soft wool is even suitable for baby clothing, have eight distinct fleece colors that range from light grayish-brown to black.
It is described as grayish-brown but looks like it's dirt colored to me.
The three seeds were long and thin, grayish-brown in color.
Lee Young Kook, a man who once served as bodyguard for Kim Jong Il, rolled up his pants to show me the grayish-brown scars on his right leg, a remnant of blows from long wooden sticks.
at first dark brown to almost black, later center paler, medium brown, dingy brown to grayish-brown, margin indefinite or a pale center surrounded by a narrow to wide dark border, occasionally with a narrow diffuse yellowish halo.
Socorro isopods are grayish-brown, marked with black spots on the dorsal surface, and are bone colored beneath.
The deer in the valley below were mostly females, more drab and grayish-brown, but there were several dark males scattered among the groups.
HADEDAH a large grayish-brown African ibis, with wings tinged iridescent green.