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There is No Depression, the genre's bible (and graybeard, having launched in 1995 and built circulation up to 30,000), which was founded in Seattle but is now co-edited from Nashville, Tennessee, and Durham, North Carolina.
A new surround sound mix by Daniel Lanois and Richard Chappell adds to the high quality of the project, while an interesting side note is watching Gabriel age from young handsome stud to devilish graybeard.
Its chief scientist Bill Cheswick, former Bell Labs researcher and prominent graybeard, asserted that his company had created a process to query a network and generate a series of reports that would give the most comprehensive intelligence about that network's structure and connectivity.
Three horses listed at 50-1 on this year's morning line - GrayBeard, Maybry's Boy and Political Attack - are scheduled to run Saturday at Gulfstream Park in the Fountain of Youth Stakes, the first Grade I race of the season for 3-year-olds.
Today he is the dean, the graybeard, the only man most of his young players ever have thought of as the UCLA football coach.
He scrapped with Milan Hejduk along the side boards, at the red line, and took a couple of pokes at Colorado graybeard Ray Bourque in a five- player pile-up at the buzzer.
The graybeard rocker split from wife Karen in 1994.
Wizened pros might be highly valued in the postseason, but their starting lineup features three players who are 25 years old (Shaquille O'Neal, Nick Van Exel, Eddie Jones), one who is 26 (Robert Horry) and the relative graybeard of the bunch, Elden Campbell, at 28.
Another graybeard, Tewksbury, followed him to the mound, but he got in trouble to start the seventh.
But remember, the graybeard notes, "The real truth is that much of the time you do not catch fish; sometimes the fish wins.
Most notably, the Graybeards were formed, a nonprofit dedicated to helping those in need.
The graybeards of Supreme Court practice frowned at first and muttered about the upstart's lack of etiquette that bordered on barratry--the lawyers' crime of stirring up disputes.