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Synonyms for grayback

a dowitcher with a grey back

a sandpiper that breeds in the Arctic and winters in the southern hemisphere

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This Las Vegas home on Grayback Drive in the zip code area of 89084 comes with an attached two car garage, formal dining room, and dual paned windows.
Martin and the team planned to return to the Grayback two nights later by jumping from a helicopter.
Before this phase of service, the diesel-electric Grayback had served as a launching platform for Regulus missiles.
The horses become symbols for all the hurts Tom had experienced at the hands of Blue Elk, Red Dillon, and school personnel such as Benny Grayback, Neil Swanson, and Rowena Ellis.
125) In Trevino, five Navy divers died aboard the USS Grayback when a ventilation valve allowing oxygen into the submarine's diving chamber malfunctioned, causing a vacuum to form in the chamber.
Grayback firefighting trainer Andy Barrey recalled a young man who had the mental and physical stamina to stick with a tough job.
A new series of weekly grayback money price is tested for turning points.
William, his sister and father had sought to tackle San Gorgonio Peak, also known as Old Grayback, the highest peak in the San Gorgonio Wilderness at 11,502 feet.
Scott had told his parents that Grayback Forestry Inc.
Seven of the dead were firefighters from Grayback Forestry, which has mustered contract firefighting crews since 1979.
Last summer, another Roseburg-based contract crew, Grayback Forestry, lost five people when a van rolled over and crashed in Colorado.
Of course, any Yankee soldiers who were captured carrying Upham's facsimiles, which were often rendered more professionally than real Confederate graybacks, were hanged.
Near as the Graybacks came to the schooner, they were shy of the boats.
George Ewing hated Copperheads and hoped they would get drafted and perhaps killed, and he rather relished shooting at "the Graybacks," often counting the number of shots he had gotten off during a skirmish, divided into blind shots and those made at a specific target.
Morgan's Graybacks and Gold (1985) provided much useful detail, though it lacks the theoretical framework supplied by Pecquet.