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Synonyms for gray-white

of white tinged with grey

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According to the Fukuoka District Meteorological Observatory, tiny amounts of gray-white volcanic ash fell near the No.
A solid, gray-white lesion measuring 1.5 cm was present in the submucosa.
Palladium--a soft, gray-white metal that resembles platinum--is a component in dental alloys, jewelry, and electrical contacts.
Holly bark is light gray and smooth; twigs are gray-white. The wood is light and dense but not strong.
The masses are usually firm and gray-white, and dystrophic calcification is common.
Harder to find was the elephant-tree (Bursera microphylla), whose gray-white bark and odd-shaped branches give it an elephant-like appearance.
According to the histopathologist, the outer surface of the mass was covered with ulcerated mucosa, and the cut surface had lobulated, gray-white appearance.