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Steller's Jays steal Gray Jay caches: field and laboratory observations.
A field test of density-dependent survival of simulated Gray Jay caches.
Predation by gray jays on aggregating tadpoles of the boreal toad (Bufo boreas).
Apparent predation by gray jays, Perisoreus canadensis, on long-toed salamanders, Ambystoma macrodactylum, in the Oregon Cascade Range.
Selective predation of gray jays, Perisoreus canadensis, upon boreal chorus frogs, Pseudacris triseriata.
The gray jay had flown in behind John and grabbed a beak-full of hot mustard from the container.
The gray jay is one member of a group we call boreal birds.
Some of the birds we know as boreal species include spruce grouse, gray jay, black-backed woodpecker, three-toed woodpecker, olive-sided flycatcher, yellow-belllied flycatcher, boreal chickadee, palm warbler, and Lincoln's sparrow.
A cousin of the familiar blue jay, the gray jay is also known by some colorful old-time names, given by loggers living in north woods logging camps.
When I hear a gray jay squawk, I give a hoot like a barrel owl, "Who cooks for you?
Both Steller's and Gray jays are widely recognized as nest predators, as are most corvids, and are thought to be visual predators capable of specializing on nests (Ouellett 1970, Ehrlich and McLaughlin 1988, Andren 1992).
Further observations on the food and predatory habits of the Gray Jay. Canadian Journal of Zoology 48:327-330.
Some guests would be a little timid at the prospect of a screaming gray jay landing on them, and they would just place the cracker in the palm of their hands.