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equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight

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White box: estrus (5 control females, 1 HD group, and 4 MS group), gray box: diestrus (6 control females, 5 HD group, and 4 MS group).
For the sake of completeness, gray box models will also be mentioned here.
In the middle of the page, to the right of "Request ID," click on "View Report" in a gray box.
We compared companies that employed gray box integration with those that indicated they employed black box integration.
There are gray boxes in many nonprofit organizations today; gray boxes that evidence a quiet acceptance of a larger structural reality that neither individual managers nor their organizations can fully overcome.
A common example is the black or gray box supplier that possesses the knowledge to design the product to meet customer specifications.
In black sans serif on silver Mylar the words "PURE AIR OF THE HIGH MOUNTAINS" and "BURNT RUBBER" appear across the packaging for the perfume Odeur 53, in French and English, along with an invitation to "CREATE AROUND YOU THE SMELL THAT YOU LIKE." With graphic design by Marc Atlan for Comme des Garcons, the antiseptic aesthetic of the product, from its austere gray box with prominent bar code to the empirical bluntness of the chunky rectangular bottle and talcum-powder-with-a-frisson-of-nail-polish-remover scent, succeeds by finding within the "undesigned," indexical, informational look of Conceptualism all the constituents for a new chic.
Letters in the gray box will give you the answer to the bonus question.
However, players shouldn't expect a lot from the new DLC, called "Dam It," because Ashton stated that it's a "gray box" work - in simple terms, unfinished.
That is, all Tier 1 suppliers who have "gray box" or "black box" design responsibility should have a robust system for end consumer research in each of their key component areas.
Rigal and designer Frederic Stoll create a pale gray box barely taller than Rigal, in which the dancer alternates between chilly robotics and slamming about as if magnetized to the walls.