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(physics) a wave that is hypothesized to propagate gravity and to travel at the speed of light

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After attempting to repeat the gravity wave detection experiments of Cahill using reverse biased Zener diodes as quantum tunnelling devices, I found no evidence of current fluctuations due to anything but normal random noise or local disturbances followed by a transient oscillation at the natural frequency of the detector circuits.
For the investigation of the dynamics of inharmonic internal gravity wave packets in stratified non- homogeneous and non-stationary media we have at hand the analytic methods which are limited and do not allow one to estimate the accuracy of the geometrical optics method for the real media.
Internal gravity waves in a dipolar wind: a wave-vortex interaction experiment in a stratified fluid.
The terms responsible for the gravity wave speed are the pressure gradient term in the momentum equation, g[nabla][zeta], and the divergence term in the continuity equation [nabla].
If one accelerates a piece of matter in this standing wave field all of the waves present (the gravity waves from all other matter react with the in-out waves of the piece of matter) interact to prevent movement.
We first consider the behavior of a monochromatic gravity wave in a frictionless, adiabatic, stably-stratified atmosphere in the context of the linear wave theory.
6) The rapid loss of energy indicated by the decaying orbits of binary pulsars, so far attributed to gravity wave radiation, perhaps can be explained by the dense dark matter-vacuum medium absorbing kinetic energy as the objects rush through it.
The gravity wave frequency and intensity reached a peak, and then the black holes merged.
A passing gravity wave changes the physically measured distance between two test masses - small discs or spheres.
The equations showed that the two surface waves moving toward each other at a similar frequency and amplitude convert up to 95% of their energy into an acoustic gravity wave as they meet and pass through each other.
The book chronicled the astrophysical community's most cutting-edge start-up: gravity wave astronomy.
Objective: The detection of primordial gravity waves created during the big bang ranks among the greatest potential intellectual achievements in modern science.