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a gauge boson that mediates the (extremely weak) gravitational interactions between particles

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String Theory will overcome the major limitations of quantum physics by eliminating the singularity and explaining the quantum interaction of gravity by its force carrying hyper-dimensional particle graviton when it is successfully finalized.
Abou Hend explained that Graviton, a US company, will carry out investment studies before investing in order to understand Egypt's monetary policy, the basis on which the direction of the dollar will be determined.
Moreover, several of today's theories like string theory, superstring theory, M-theory and loop quantum gravity, and quantum field theory predict the existence of graviton particles.
Graviton creation in the inflationary universe and the grand unification scale.
But as Hall will one day become a minor Marvel super villain called Graviton, this is the closest it looks like we're going to get to having an actual super hero turn up on the small screen for now.
In the quantal state everything exist as unlimited probabilities and it is the conscious observer that brings one of the probabilities into one graviton criteria and consciousness.
The Graviton Ring and the Structure of Everything is available in print, audio, and ebook format.
The photon would be joined by the photino, the graviton by the gravitino, the gluon by the gluino, and the W and Z vector bosons (how I love those guys
The simplest vibration of a closed string produces a graviton, the quantized particle of gravity.
But as Smolin makes clear, a genuine theory of everything must do more than merely possess a graviton.
This includes the graviton, a hypothetical particle thought to be responsible for gravity.
A Union Station Media presentation of a Graviton production.
There has been some discussion about the infinite speed of gravity as required by Newton and the concomitant requirement for the infinite speed of the gravitational particle, the graviton.
Graviton develops wireless sensory information networks.