gravitational interaction

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a weak interaction between particles that results from their mass

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We present a modification of the PSO algorithm based on gravitational interactions (GI) between particles (PSO + GI), which automatically adjusts the parameters of the PSO algorithm.
the Earth-Moon planetary pair and the gravitational interaction of the
The gravitational interaction of the moon with these waves would, in turn, modify the lunar orbit.
The long-term gravitational interaction between such annuli is similar to the Coulomb interaction between axisymmetric molecules constituting a liquid crystal.
The gravitational interaction of light: from weak to strong fields.
It was stronger than the gravitational interaction, however).
But the study suggests that gravitational interaction with their moons could cause enough heat in the interior of these large bodies to sustain liquid oceans beneath the frigid surfaces.
Although the clustering of galaxies is not as strong as that of the present-day universe, gravitational interaction will eventually result in clustering that grows to the current level.
The gravitational interaction, on the other hand, exhibits attraction only; it dominates the Universe as a whole, while the electromagnetic interaction dominates atomic and molecular structure.
Gravitational interaction with another galaxy seems unlikely because NGC 1569's nearest neighbor has been out of range for at least a billion years.
The effects of gravitational interaction between galaxies can be devastating.
The gravitational interaction is an interaction between masses.
This is the longest, nearly continuous set of observations of TRAPPIST-1 yet, and provides researchers with an opportunity to further study the gravitational interaction between the seven planets, and search for planets that may remain undiscovered in the system," NASA said in the statement.
Owners of large scopes should try to detect a very subtle dust lane that appears slightly skewed from gravitational interaction with other group members.
Intriguingly, the gravitational interaction of NGC 6872 and IC 4970 may have done the opposite, spawning what may develop into a new small galaxy.