gravitational force

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(physics) the force of attraction between all masses in the universe

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In this language, 'the weight of the book' means 'the gravitational force of the Earth on the book'.
3 Calculation of the gravitational force in a sphere
In Part I, I defend the descriptive claim that federal law's gravitational force affects a wide array of state actors (including state rulemakers, legislators, and courts) across various areas of nonpreemptive law (procedural rules, substantive statutes, and constitutional provisions).
Gravitational force acting on the unit volume of the grain in ferrofluid is:
3 for gravitational force and 4 for centrifugation with changes in viscosity of resin with elapsed time.
Gravitational force is transmitted directly by physical space and it is A-Temporal, too.
The same mechanism works with sports: no soccer player, for example, will calculate the weight of a ball, the inertial forces, the friction, the speed of wind and the influence of the gravitational force in order to shoot a goal.
1 -- 2) SeaWorld's Journey to Atlantis reaches a maximum speed of 42 mph and exerts a gravitational force of 3 Gs.
After exhausting the list of explanations deemed most plausible, the researchers examined possible modification to the force of gravity as explained by Newton's law with the Sun being the dominant gravitational force.
The amount of gravitational force between objects depends on their mass, the amount of matter an object contains.
The tumbling is caused by the three dimensional torque from Saturn's differential gravitational force exerted on hyperion's shape which is so irregular that it has three different moments of rotational inertia.
Head angular velocity is measured by the cristae of the semicircular canals, while the maculae of the statolabyrinth (utricle and saccule) register linear acceleration and changes in the gravitational force.
Trendy clubs will feature lots of whipped-cream drinks, and lovers will reminisce about when they were first sucked into the folds of each other's flesh by gravitational force.
Cavendish measured the twist and from that calculated the gravitational force between the two objects.
Toutatis is unlike most of the more than 20,000 asteroids in the solar system in that it has been kicked into an elliptical orbit by the gravitational force of Jupiter, explain Art Whipple and Peter Shelus of the University of Texas at Austin's Department of Astronomy.