gravitational field

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a field of force surrounding a body of finite mass

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The hope is, then, that if we can find some dark corner of the universe where general relativity fails, perhaps because the gravitational fields it describes are so enormously strong, we might glimpse what extra ingredient is needed one that might point the way to a theory of quantum gravity.
Among the adjustments that Mars settlers who have to make is the planet's 38 per cent gravitational field which causes bone density and muscle strength to decrease and a change in blood circulation.
If we consider that the tensor of gravitational field depends on the 4-potential [D.
Ebb and Flow, as the two washing machine-sized probes are called, have been mapping the Moon's gravitational field for more than a year.
Only then does he move into relativity with the gravitational field, and explains the gravitational structure of space-time.
These satellites detect small changes in Earth's gravitational field from space.
He discusses special and general relativity and the cosmological versions of both, properties of the gravitational field, particle production in five-dimensional cosmological relativity, properties of gravitational waves in an expanding universe, spiral galaxy rotation curves in the Brane world theory in five dimensions, testing cosmological general relativity against high redshift observations, homogeneous spaces and Bianchi classifications, and similar topics.
In analyzing the throwing to the basket from a stationary position we start from the pre-requisites that from the point of view of Physics the move of the ball in space is a plane movement in a constant gravitational field.
The released relay Rstar satellite will work with the other VLBI satellite to observe the moon's gravitational field using a radio interference method.
This storage field is produced by stacked superconducting coils of alternating current direction with the gravitational field playing the role of the upper lid of the bottle.
He explained: "As the Earth spins, the gravitational field tightens up at the north and south pole vortexes like an elastic band.
11, 2001 is not shown here--but more frequently seems to take place in another orbit (Vietnam, the moon, perhaps Iraq), into whose gravitational field one cannot help being pulled.
Merritt and his colleagues determined how fast a black hole has to move to escape a galaxy's gravitational field completely.
To put it crudely, we are all scattered bits of an imagined integral paradise that came too close to the real world and was shattered by it, leaving us to spin forever in its baleful gravitational field.