gravitational collapse

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the implosion of a star resulting from its own gravity

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The usual concept of gravitational collapse itself collapses.
The exclusion of gravity by the hedge gluon force field as in the Meissner effect prevents the gravitational collapse into singularity.
Immediately after Hilbert's solution was published there was discussion amongst the physicists as to the possibility of gravitational collapse into the nether world of the nascent black hole.
Singularities associated with gravitational collapse appear frequently in the solutions of Einstein's equations, even though nature doesn't countenance such bizarre features.
In this paper I shall show that, along with the black hole, gravitational collapse to a point-mass is also untenable.
That may be why, when gravitational collapse proceeds, the resulting objects inevitably halt their growth at just the right size to sustain nuclear fusion.
Furthermore, the conventional conception of gravitational collapse is demonstrably false.
Photo: The gravitational collapse of a one-dimensional system consisting of infinite sheets of stars, as it would appear with velocity plotted against position.
One idea is that these black holes formed during dynamical fragmentation of the inner core of a dying star undergoing gravitational collapse.
What name is given to a celestial phenomenon that has undergone such total gravitational collapse that no light can escape from it?
The gravitational collapse of the star can lead to the formation of a black hole on one extreme or a supernova at the other.
The author covers prerelativity physics, special relativity, general relativity, gravitational collapse, waves and lensing, accretion dynamics, inertial forces, gravity as a gauge theory, and a wide variety of other related subjects over the course of the bookAEs nine chapters.
As the core of Sanduleak -69[degrees] 202 accumulated iron and could produce no further heat to hold it up, it shrank, teetered on the edge of gravitational collapse, and finally fell over the brink.
The structures related to salt intrusions include the development of normal fault in the vicinity of Kalabagh Hills that are believed to be gravitational collapse caused by the flowage and upsection migration of Precambrian Salt Range Formation.
Throughout the western flank of Sierra de la Dehesa, other gravitational collapse structures, similar to those described by Harrison and Falcon (1934, 1936) have been recognized (Figure 1c).