gravitational attraction

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(physics) the force of attraction between all masses in the universe

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GELS mimics gravitational attraction for searching within a search space.
While exhibiting all the action hallmarks of a Vajna production, and the gravitational attraction of the sexes for which Eszterhas has become notorious, pic comes to resemble a loud, contempo version of the old social-issue stories in which Warner Bros.
The NIST deadweight force standards exert force by means of the earth's gravitational attraction acting upon weights of calibrated mass.
For instance, celestial bodies move in paths according to their mutual gravitational attraction, creating tubular "highways" in the space between bodies.
Hooke's own most strident claim was that he had originated the fundamental formula for gravitational attraction, and Newton's retaliatory manoeuvres did much ad marginalise Hooke's activities.
Relative gravimetric measurements performed in local and regional research networks allow for determination of the Earth gravitational attraction values and studies of their short-term and long-term variations.
Indeed, were it not for gravitational attraction we would all buy our Dockers an inch too big and simply poke our Glocks into our waistbands.
The energy to blow up these bubbles would be countered by an opposite, negative energy, which comes from the gravitational attraction of all the matter in the bubble.
t](r,[OMEGA]) of topographical masses, is the gravitational attraction of topographical masses minus the gravitational attraction of condensed topographical masses.
Whether there is gravitational attraction or repulsion would depend on the relative masses of the volumes of interacting matter and antimatter.
Gower notes, for example, that although the evidence for scientists' beliefs in universal gravitational attraction is quite different from the evidence for their beliefs in the electron-acceptor theory of acids, 'in both cases the same kind of method is used to justify the beliefs on the basis of the relevant evidence' (p.
What can account for this mutual gravitational attraction that is cosmic in nature and telegenic in scope?
They think the gravitational attraction of the huge mountain range draws water up.
Anywhere near the Earth, including in orbit, we cannot actually escape its gravitational attraction.