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Synonyms for gravitas


Synonyms for gravitas

formality in bearing and appearance

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GIC is a jointly owned venture between Gravitas and Illium Capital Corporation, a merchant bank focused on cross border capital markets opportunities between China and Canada.
Beginning on Black Friday, messages shared by Project Gravitas fans using the Vivoom app will be printed on cards and delivered in the company's signature dress boxes.
Thousands of dollars for consultants with sufficient gravitas won't save lives.
Gravitas trusts the Ballpark neighborhood will be the ideal spot for the forward-thinking design and eclectic bunch of tenants.
The Gravitas Private Cloud was expanded and upgraded in June 2012 in New York with the implementation of a VBlock-based hosting solution.
While there was a modest reduction in platelet reactivity in GRAVITAS patients receiving a 6-month double dose of Plavix compared to the standard dose, it was not sufficient to impact overall outcomes, leading the authors to suggest that more potent platelet inhibition may have been beneficial.
International commercial real estate services firm Studley has acquired Gravitas Real Estate Resources Inc.
I had my doubts as to whether the ex-Spice girl had the gravitas for the role of Mrs Johnstone, but would just like to put into print what a fabulous performance she gave.
AaExclusive partnership with Gravitas Global, world leader in Executive Transformation Development, to deliver executive transformation development tailored to the communications, media and technology sector.
Eric Guichard recognized this problem after leaving his job at the World Bank in the late 1990s and founded GRAVITAS Capital, which works mostly with emerging market countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa.
Gravitas Ventures, a licensor and programmer of content across Video On Demand (VOD) platforms, has announced a partnership with Kino International, a theatrical distribution company specializing in classics and foreign language art films.
The Dudley-born comic, who was once a regular on the Black and White Minstrel Show, admits he is searching for gravitas.
The company's latest piece, Gravitas displays all the usual Earthfall ingredients and takes a close-up look at issues which have made uncomfortable viewing for many on TV screens and in newspapers over recent weeks.
SURGEON David Kerrigan, medical director of Gravitas, says he has seen an increase in demand for bariatric surgery in the last 10 years.
A letter from the bishop of Boise, Idaho, may have provided the gravitas a campaign needed to persuade the U.