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the number of the pregnancy that a woman is in

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Ethnicity, age, gravida, parity and COCP use were not statistically significantly associated with number of follow-ups.
4] would be a sensitive indicator for both gravida and fetus.
Immunity Smoothie contains a blend of acerola, camu camu and acai, which delivers antioxidants, vitamin C and bioflavonoids; Energy Smoothie blends exotic caja fruit and acai, along with yer-ba mate and natural guarana seed for sustained energy; Superfood Smoothie contains a "green blend boost," in addition to cupuacu, vitamin B-packed gravida and acai; and Antioxidant Smoothie contains a daily dose of antioxidants with free-radical-fighting acai berries.
In addition, our study did not evaluate osteoporosis, postmenopausal status, and the respective gravida para scores for women.
A 22-year old gravida 2, para 1 presented to the emergency room at 20 weeks gestation with abdominal and flank pain, nausea, vomiting and diffuse abdominal tenderness.
08 HELP her chill with a Mama Mio Gravida candle, featuring 10 pregnancy specific oils.
A 35-year-old gravida 1, para 1 woman was admitted to the emergency room with complaints of dizziness and abdominal pain.
The student argued that I did not know the meaning of the terms para and gravida, although I have been a maternity nurse for more than 30 years.
1420-75)"; Cecilia Cristellon, "Ursina Basso contro Advise Soncin: il consilium respinto di Bartolomeo Cipolla e gli atti del processo (Padova e Venezia 1461-62)"; Anna Maria Lazzeri and Silvana Seidel Menchi, "Evidentement gravida, Fides oculata, voce pubblica e matrimonio controverso in Valsugana (1539-44)"; Lucia Ferrante, "Gli sposi contesi.
the gravida (pregnant woman) has a family history of preeclampsia,
And there are occasional startling historical lapses as in the claim, in reading a 1491 gravida figure from de Ketham's Fasciculus Medicinae, that the "human foetus acknowledges the sin of Adam and Eve by covering her [italics mine] face" (105).
The disease can also be a cause of infrequent fatal aplastic anemia and for fetal wastage in the pregnant gravida.
1) A gravida is a pregnant woman: para refers to deliveries past the twentieth week of pregnancy.
gravida thrived when the North American ice sheet first started to retreat from the Gulf, but the plants disappeared from this area as the water warmed.