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Synonyms for gravid

carrying a developing fetus within the uterus

Synonyms for gravid

in an advanced stage of pregnancy

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Obstruction of forward flow of blood by the gravid uterus, especially in cardiac arrest, where the arterial pressure and volume are already reduced.
In the early months of the spawning season the females were not definitively gravid, and most males had yet to manifest breeding colorations, so sex could not readily be determined macroscopically at the beginning of this project.
It indicates that maximum number of gravid females in the study area were present on Day 6 and minimum on Day 1 (Table 1).
Caption: Biologists place purple cat's paw mussels into in-stream cages each fall with hopes that, when they return the following spring, they will find gravid females to support the captive breedin program.
15) MRI has a role in diagnosing appendicitis, particularly in the first and early second trimesters before the gravid uterus gets very large.
The endometrial diameters and areas of gravid horns as well as the intrauterine fluid volumes were significantly reduced on d 7 postpartum in the experimental group (p < 0.
A 33-year-old, 151 cm, 64 kg, gravid 1 para 0 woman at 38 weeks of gestation was scheduled for elective caesarean section due to uterine fibroids.
The only difference in vector-control activities between cities that used MID and those that did not use MID was that vector control in MID cities targeted sites that MID identified as highly infested with gravid adult mosquitoes.
Plain radiography showed colonic faecal loading with superolateral displacement of bowel loops by the gravid uterus, without evidence of obstruction or free sub-diaphragmatic air.
When possible, embryos from gravid females were counted, sex was determined, and DW measured (in centimeters).
On per abdominal examination a well contracted uterus corresponding to 20 weeks gravid size was felt.
ochracea because gravid females can parasitize any crickets nearby calling males (Cade 1975).
In our sample of 20 gravid females, the average number of embryos per female was five, with a range of 2-9 embryos.
Information on its reproduction is limited and consists of reports of juveniles, gravid females and adult males from southeastern California on 2 May (McGuire 1996); neonates observed in eastern Oregon in August (Brooking 1934); mean clutch size of 5.