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Synonyms for gravid

carrying a developing fetus within the uterus

Synonyms for gravid

in an advanced stage of pregnancy

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Gravid females, recognized by the white ovisacs found on each plant, were counted and recorded every wk for a total of 14 wk.
In another study conducted by Cobben LP et al, [29] sonography could not depict the appendix in 11 of 12 patients, partly because of obesity and partly because of the large gravid uterus making the graded compression technique more difficult, especially when the appendix is in a retrocaecal position.
Vintzileos, "Incarceration of the gravid uterus," Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey, vol.
Compression of the ureters by the gravid uterus is the cause for the increase in pressure responsible for rupture.
We necropsied the ferrets and examined the recovered Dracuncul us worms to determine sex and whether females were mated or gravid. All animal procedures were reviewed and approved by the University of Georgia's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (no.
Surgical management of Unilateral Ventral Hernia of Gravid Uterus in a Crossbred cow.
The 2 groups were compared in terms of age, time since the surgical intervention, gravid, diagnosis, type of birth, reason for haemorrhage, perinatal status (live, ex), blood product transfusion rates, surgical procedures applied, complications, intensive care rates, whether or not anti-depressant therapy had been taken and the results of the EPDS.
Gravid traps were used because they primarily attract female Cx.
Female sand flies were dissected for the determination of whether they are blood fed/half fed/unfed and gravid/semi gravid. Juvenile stages in male sand flies were identified by the incomplete rotation of the genitalia.
Frequency of gravid females (frequency-gravid) seemed to shift in multiyear cycles but frequency of ovigerous females (frequency-ovigerous) did not.
Late-stage gravid brown rockfish occurred in greatest abundance during the spring and late-stage gravid copper rockfish were observed only in the summer.
([dagger]) Because conventional vector control approaches often fail to result in effective and sustainable prevention of infection with viruses transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes (5), and to improve surveillance of mosquito population densities, CDC developed an Autocidal Gravid Ovitrap (AGO) (6) to attract and capture the female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes responsible for transmission of infectious agents to humans (Figure).
Present case report is about very rare condition of gravid uterus herniation into the thoracic cavity and right sided heart displacment in a three year old queen.
Part polemic, part self-important autobiography, and part panegyric, this fluid mix yields a thought-provoking romp through the gravid fields of translation studies, linguistic imperialism, and identity.
Notably, over 50 years of field surveys have failed to report gravid, egg-bearing females or larvae of H.