graveyard shift

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Synonyms for graveyard shift

the work shift during the night (as midnight to 8 a

workers who work during the night (as midnight to 8 a


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Just as it provided food for the swing shift, the museum ordered pizza and sodas for the graveyard shift.
Mangudadatu was optimistic that BPO owners and operators can afford the additional graveyard shift pay for their employees.
There were three other young men on the graveyard shift, and when the boss arrived he immediately fired one of them for laziness and missed shifts.
He never gave up on his college education, despite his many responsibilities working a graveyard shift and going to school during the day.
Shame on the BBC for shunting this picture to the graveyard shift.
It means staying open way past closing time to deliver flowers to a customer's wife working the graveyard shift.
He was a 27-year-old fireman working the graveyard shift when the alarm at Engine Co.
Phil Minto is a man who enjoys the graveyard shift.
Phil Minto has just embarked on what is, quite literally, the graveyard shift.
So why relegate a hugely entertaining Bristol City-Everton clash to the graveyard shift -- and then edit it so savagely you would struggle to work out what was going on if you hadn't already known the score?
As before, the researchers compared cancer incidence in women who reported working the graveyard shift with that of women who never worked nights.
We pay our counselors an hourly wage, and some of them are scheduled for the eight-hour graveyard shift.
We spend two days and three nights on the graveyard shift with ambulance driving New York paramedic Frank Pierce (Nicolas Cage) and the monstrously manic Walls (Tom Sizemore), who literally bays for blood.
educating firemen just coming off the graveyard shift about new standards in protection against toxic chemicals.
The toxic cloud leaked into the nearby Avondale Mills plant, which employs hundreds on its graveyard shift.