graveyard shift

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Synonyms for graveyard shift

the work shift during the night (as midnight to 8 a

workers who work during the night (as midnight to 8 a


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Although some people are able to function well on a graveyard shift work schedule, you may not be one of them.
Apples threw down a few back lips, frontside nosegrinds and front lips on a gap to bench in Martin before watching the graveyard shift street cleaners pack up and the birds bathe in sidewalk pavement puddles.
Then, on the graveyard shift, the swing-shift supervisor would remain, while the day-shift supervisor went home for her day off, and the security director reported in as the fresh supervisor.
Lastly, Boyd argued that the eating options to graveyard shift employees were not as plentiful.
While working the graveyard shift 45 to 80 feet below Hollywood Boulevard in 1994, he saw a glint of white through dirt flying from his tunnel-digging machine.
Tonight someone else's father stood on the corner in his shirtsleeves in the halo of streetlight, waiting for the bus to take him deep in the desert: it was time for graveyard shift at the reactor.
On his best day, Stephen King couldn't have made this up: Homer Stull, a 20year-old kid working the graveyard shift in June 1991 at Liberal, Kansas's National Beef packing plant, died in a tank of cattle blood.
The police earlier said there was only one security guard at the entrance because it was already graveyard shift.
I'm convinced Tim Sherwood will lead Villa to safety, which means the last spot on the graveyard shift is going to be filled in the north-east.
2298 or the proposed "Night Workers Additional Compensation Act" which seeks to amend Article 86 of the Labor Code to enhance the wage differential benefit granted to those working during the graveyard shift.
A bill was filed in the House of Representatives increasing the graveyard shift pay of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) employees from 10 percent to 25 percent of their basic salary.
Dubai: Sales were sluggish during the graveyard shift at shopping malls over the Eid weekend while food outlets had their plates full with an influx of hungry night revellers, according to retailers.
Wayne Madden's Graveyard Shift Show has been featured on the American heavy metal website Blabbermouth.
He said: "It seemed like it was going to be the graveyard shift but it was so nice.