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Synonyms for grave

Synonyms for grave

a burial place or receptacle for human remains

having great consequence or weight

causing or marked by danger or pain, for example

full of or marked by dignity and seriousness

to cut (a design or inscription) into a hard surface, especially for printing

to produce a deep impression of

Synonyms for grave

death of a person

Related Words

a place for the burial of a corpse (especially beneath the ground and marked by a tombstone)

a mark (') placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation


Related Words

shape (a material like stone or wood) by whittling away at it

carve, cut, or etch into a material or surface

dignified and somber in manner or character and committed to keeping promises

Related Words

causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm

of great gravity or crucial import

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23 broadcast illustrated in the gravest terms the dire conditions of America's roads and bridges
According to the report, he said that there had been crises in the Balkans in the 1990s and in Georgia in 2008, but this is the gravest threat to European security.
This entire episode is causing the gravest and most damaging despair for council workers.
I have consistently held that Left Wing Extremism poses perhaps the gravest internal security threat that we face.
While our nation is safer than it was seven years ago, the gravest threat to our people remains another terrorist attack," he said.
The boys and girls from MI5 (who often have to wage deadly battles against other groups of initials - this week it was the Russians of FSB) wear the gravest of expressions in the gravest of situations, while graver-than-grave pronouncements choke the air.
Although bankers now say this act is one of their gravest concerns, they did little or nothing to prevent its passage.
This court must drive home the message that dangerous driving, particularly under the influence of drink and or drugs, may have the gravest consequences.
Good at his job, he slips up and makes the gravest error one can make in line of work--becoming attached to another human being.
The council of ministers identified the issues in Palestine, Iraq, Darfur, the Horn of Africa, Mauritania and the Gulf as the gravest challenges facing the Arab world, the minister said.
The sentencing of senior military leaders for sexual crimes is an historic achievement and reaffirms that rape is among the gravest violations of international law.
Instead of embracing the teleological belief in the inevitable historical triumph of liberal democracy, he argues, we need to "accept that the gravest human disorders cannot be remedied, only treated day by day.
Rangers and Liverpool complete their third qualifying round ties tonight and layers reckon the Scots are in the gravest danger.
As expected, however, the findings focus most of their attention on the gravest terror problem: Osama bin Laden's al Qaida network.
Fein believes that President Bush is engaging in a power grab of the gravest dimension.