grave mound

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(archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs

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Other high-status graves with feather and down include the Gokstad ship burial and the Gronhaug grave mound in Norway and the Jellinge and Mamman burials in Denmark (Shetelig, 1912).
An underground cave dwelling, covering a grave mound, houses Rosa.
The grave mound would not be obliterated to hide it from sorcerers, they were told.
16) It is widely recognized that for the Germanic peoples the grave mound also had strong sacred and mythic associations.
They lived among the earthen complexes, the effigies, and the grave mounds.
The crooked crucifixes, rusty and broken, righted themselves over the grave mounds and threw holy water on one another.
The team found grave mounds nearby and obsidian tools -- indicating some complicated trade was going on.