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expressive of sympathetic pleasure or joy on account of someone's success or good fortune

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Dedication, preface, and gratulatory poetry are also transcribed and, in the case of the neo-Latin poetry, translated into German.
Even though his Festschrift is devoted only to articles dealing with antiquity, the selection of contributors reflects the breadth of Ben Foster's research very well, and their individual gratulatory offerings show their esteem for him as a scholar and human being.
Thus we find an acrostic poem late in the first volume; images of humans as worms, as the grass; contemporary culture figured as an open grave; wishes for reckoning charged with eschatological longing, as well as praise for One who "may restore gladness" and bring healing in the mean time (Dream 13); and a clever gratulatory poem entitled "For the Director of Music"
The exhortatory epistle, mostly written for encouraging the reader to pursue the study of letters, and the gratulatory epistle were by far the other two most favorite genres of fifteenth-century Castile.
17) Fletcher's friendship with Jonson is attested by Jonson's comments to Drummond as well as by the exchange of gratulatory verses.