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in a harsh and grating manner

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To reiterate, I am not familiar with any other linguistic system in which, as in English and French, the way you pronounce a word is always likely to contradict the way you write it, and gratingly.
In his effort to show them who's boss, he adopts a gratingly arrogant manner of speech which could, you suspect, be channelled into formidable debating skills.
His own films showed minimal visual flair and a gratingly arch sense of humour.
What genre--if that term even applies--of online photography could be more gratingly anodyne than the compulsively shared cataloging of last night's dinner?
The guitar riffs by Hayes' bandmate Scott Hull are again of the most gratingly abrasive kinds that I've encountered in years of indiscriminate listening to music of all kinds.
Susan Bulloch's Brunnhilde is even more problematic, to the point where the wavering and lunging produce some gratingly unmusical results.
His gratingly French accent, his name change from Peerless to Pierre, and his ownership of myriad racist toys demonstrate an open-armed acceptance of and desire for white hegemony.
Godard appears on screen, hidden behind a camera, voicing, provocatively, gratingly, his doubts of what can be done--so far from Vietnam, where revolution was really occurring.
It is not surprising that, having watched El Topo, Peter Gabriel rushed to write and compose The Lambs Lie Down on Broadway, a gratingly pretentious concept album by his band, Genesis.
Despite the novel's well-researched depictions of underworld operations, it is overwritten and at times gratingly stereotypical.
The inscription carved into the statues' bases insistently and gratingly reminded anticlerical workers of the 'Great Promise' made by Jesus to the Jesuit Bernardo de Hoyos in 1733: 'I will reign in Spain' (11).
The vaudeville jaunt to her name belied a gratingly puritanical bent.
Fireflies is the most irritating record of the year so far, with a gratingly, sickeningly over-sweetened vocal and nonsensical lyrics.
Far less satisfying is Davis' apparent satisfaction with the final result of the various revamp attempts that has left the show dominated by the gratingly high-pitched vapidities of Elmo and Zoe.
Gratingly, many of those who tout prescriptions are the same people who let the patient get critical.