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cooked while covered with browned breadcrumbs (and sometimes cheese)

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3 Pour the olive oil into the bottom of the gratin dish.
I'm serving my gratin as a main course perhaps with some salad on the side and crusty bread and butter but you could remove the sausage from it to make it more of a vegetable side dish.
Journal Taste has been featuring the recipes since the beginning of the year and, sadly, the Cotherstone cheese and roast root vegetable gratin is the last.
The new Signature Lobster Au Gratin, as well as the introduction of the Signature Singles line, allows Sea Best to offer a greater variety of quick seafood options to customers looking for high-quality and convenient food items," says Mark Frisch, executive vice president.
Cook for 30 minutes until the cheese is melted, the top is crisp and golden brown, and the gratin is piping hot.
He gives the narratorial floor over to a man haunted by a deep loathing for cauliflower gratin (and by a no less passionate fondness for trout almondine), and then, in a series of footnotes, lays out the many ways in which he diverges from that narrator.
It's available as open stock from saucepans to skillets, the 10-inch gratin pan with cover shown here, and in a 10-piece set.
Recipes included slow-cooked beef with gratin potatoes, hunter's chicken with roasted potato wedges, coqauvin with gratin potatoes and wild mushroom risotto.
For the praline: 85g/3oz flaked almonds; 3tbsp caster sugar METHOD: For gratin of fruits, arrange mixed fruit in the base of a serving bowl.
White fish and leek gratin THIS dish makes an economical, tasty meal with white fish and leeks in a light cheese sauce.
Gratin of Salmon with Fondue of Leeks and Pasta is new under the Hisseo assortment of prepared fish dishes in family-size, one-kilogram packs distributed under the Marie label in France.
No, the irresistible favourite thing that brings me back to La Bastille more often than I should is, quite simply, their gorgeous potato gratin.
From Quiche Lorraine and Chicken Liver Pate to Salmon Pasta Gratin and Beef Curry, dishes are easy one-page affairs often paired with color photos, inviting novices to try the easy dishes.