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in a gratifying manner


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It seems to contain a big, transparent cube with a hologram in it, a huge steel thing that produces a hall of mirrors effect, a dark blue rectangle on the wall and a bulbous red corner piece which, gratifyingly, is labelled "corner piece".
Summary: BEIRUT: Gratifyingly trashy it may be, but the music of Lumi has always contained an experimental edge.
It is with some relief I can report that the red satin basques appeared to be gratifyingly unpopular, but the same couldn't be said for choccies, roses and especially the 'dine for two' menu.
This issue is the first after the gratifyingly successful 4th South African AIDS Conference.
The text concentrates almost exclusively on the Australian health care experience and gratifyingly gives considerable weight to contemporary concerns for health practitioners and consumers alike; the health of aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, aged care, media constructions of health, and complementary therapies.
"Most gratifyingly, Meacham concentrates his energies upon Jackson as president, rather than on all the honk and incidence that preceded his presidency--what marked his tenure in office as singular, what endured.
The disparity between the "before" and "after" images is gratifyingly dramatic; so much so that the subjecthood of the participants, who appear virtually unrecognizable in their latter forms, is thrown into question.
Tuesday's gratifyingly robust voter turnout in two-dozen states, while revealing in some ways, fell short of designating a presidential nominee for either major party.
The process, much maligned for lasting too long and ending too early, has proved itself gratifyingly capable of delivering surprises.
"The efforts of the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the National Institute on Drug Abuse gratifyingly seem to be paying off in reduced substance abuse rates," said Dr.
But while a date with Kate would be costly, the 204 is gratifyingly cheap.
Most gratifyingly of all, when the likes of Llanfair, Rhewl and Henllan take to the field this month, many of the players still earn their living from the land.
Gratifyingly, the modest price of the book and the fact that it is clearly aimed at non-specialists do not reflect a compromise on academic standards by Beaulieu, a noted scholar of de Crenne: he edited Epistres Familieres et invectives de ma dame Helisenne (Montreal: Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, 1995), and the first collective volume of articles on her, Helisenne de Crenne: l'ecriture et ses doubles (Paris: Champion, 2004).The detailed notes, critical apparatus, and modern punctuation and orthography make it an ideal edition for non-specialists, particularly undergraduates.
Based on primary sources, written and oral, and evincing a thorough familiarity with secondary sources in the three most relevant languages, the book is thoroughly researched and gratifyingly well written.
Gratifyingly, several engineers felt that the employees of the administration provided excellent service.