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in a gratifying manner


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Gratifyingly, he had been assured by the Food Standards Agency that on the basis of evidence to date: "There is no risk to human health from these incidents.
Gratifyingly, Golden Nuggets is written in such a way that one can readily follow Dr.
Weinberg has been a cancer researcher most of his academic life, and knows of what he writes, and especially gratifyingly is that he can tell us what he knows in a graceful, lucid manner.
Early feedback has been gratifyingly enthusiastic," said Marc Petit, senior vice president, Autodesk Media & Entertainment.
seems to be that of a friend simply hanging out with them, allowing for unfettered access and a gratifyingly direct, non-judgmental perspective.
Under Michael Seal, a conductor who has developed so gratifyingly from one of calm efficiency into an interpreter genuinely with something to say, the music was shaped and developed with a cogency which both looked back to earlier works and anticipated the expressionistic contortions of a later generation.
Another of those nice young ladies who occasionally and gratifyingly contact me with offers of new foodstuffs to tempt my palate contacted me the other day and offered me a tempting gastro-morsel.
Virgil Mihaiu, in "Universal Canticle," opens our eyes to how all jazz is one jazz, and gratifyingly made me right when he links Debussy to the Keiths, Jarrett and Emerson, and when he harkens back from the twenties and forward to the present to show time is an illusion but, as with Dave Brubeck, fun as hell to play with.
Buenos Aires a Way sexy, a little rough, gratifyingly carnivorous and full of adventure.
The Berlin-based designer's collections are slinky and taut but cut in gratifyingly soft, stretchy jersey and intarsia knitwear, a technique used to seamlessly cross-stitch her favorite multi-colored yarns.
I do honestly believe this is on the way and, gratifyingly, is well under way - but this is not a consequence of her website.
Rakoff is especially adept at weaving gratifyingly gloomy tapestries from the loom of bad judgment and calamity.
This is a valuable compilation with many handsome contemporary photographs, gratifyingly aimed at enthusiasts and professionals alike.
It seems to contain a big, transparent cube with a hologram in it, a huge steel thing that produces a hall of mirrors effect, a dark blue rectangle on the wall and a bulbous red corner piece which, gratifyingly, is labelled "corner piece".
Summary: BEIRUT: Gratifyingly trashy it may be, but the music of Lumi has always contained an experimental edge.