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utensil with sharp perforations for shredding foods (as vegetables or cheese)

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She would then wash and peel them very meticulously, and then grate them on the aluminum grater that she would use exclusively for the ube, once a year.
2 ounces dark or bittersweet chocolate, shaved using vegetable peeler or wand-style grater
Improved processing technologies used include vibrating sieve, abrasive peeler, motorised grater, drum drier, and screw -jack.
The beginning of the recipe book explains the various graters that are available and the purpose of each one.
They will also be able to learn about the use of graters, candles, and sugar lumps in the washing process.
Paul Sneath, 24, used sheets of absorbent fibreboard, cheese graters and industrial solvent for his unique operation.
There are two different-sized graters and a zester.
We can have your group or individual guests work with a resident tinsmith to learn how to make nutmeg graters or birch-bark containers, called mukuk.
Here's a more comfortable take on those wobbly four-sided graters of old.
of Russellville appears to be on a roll with its Microplane kitchen graters.
Two private collections are being dispersed as part of the sale - a lady's private collection of boxes, nutmeg graters and vinaigrettes and a gentleman's private collection of the silver novelties.
CHEESE graters don't have to be boring - and they don't have to just grate cheese either.
It's the smallest in a series of five graters made by Microplane, which manufactures industrial cutting tools.
Their equipment ranges from semi automatic machinery up to fully automatic high speed machines for tray sealing, and includes a full range of dosing equipment, such as piston filers, vibrating dosers, cheese graters and volumetric dosers.